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Anita Baker – Rapture (1986)

November 25, 2016


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[Album 497/1001]

“I am fast. To give you a reference point, I’m somewhere between a snake and a mongoose.”
– Dwight Kurt Schrute, The (US) Office, S3E8

Although a fabulous quote/Schrutism, it’s not overly helpful as a reference point seeing that:

a) I had to look up ‘mongoose’ (which I’ve since learned is a small feliform carnivore)

b) I’ve yet to see a snake vs. mongoose 100m dash, as a stats fan, I need benchmarks to put it in perspective!


I’m reluctant to give such potentially unhelpful reference points when discussing artists.

However, in order to provide some listening context for Anita Baker, I’ll roll the dice and attempt to modify the Schrute quote anyways.

Here goes.

Anita Baker is very good. To give you a reference point, she’s somewhere between Sade and Whitney Houston.


In this case, Rapture, conveniently, fits chronologically between Sade’s Diamond Life (1985) and Whitney’s Whitney (1987).anita_baker_-_rapture

With regards to album production/song selection/performer talent, I’m sure compelling arguments of superiority could be made for any/all of the three artists & albums.

But in terms of overall enjoyment, I’d put Rapture in the middle as well.

So perhaps instead of a lengthier essay, hopefully the above photo provides the optimal summary: I like Diamond Life, I really like Rapture, and I’ll always love Whitney.


Verbalize The Positive

I appreciate that Deke @, The King of Yammering/self-described Musical One-Trick Pony/fluent in ThunderBay-ese, always stops by to read & compliment my posts.

Especially when the artists covered (like this post) aren’t playing anything resembling his beloved rawk, he still participates actively, cheers Deke!

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  1. Ahhhh Whitney ’87. *Sighs*

  2. I just remember “Sweet Love” and you’re right, it might be a little less than Whitney. Perhaps more subtle and less pop.

    • That’s about it exactly, less pop, more subtlety. But Rapture didn’t have ‘I know him so well’ or ‘So emotional’ – so it’s not quite at Whitney level yet!


    This was my boss at the old record store’s fave LP for romancing. He advised I buy a copy if I wanted some action.

  4. All Hail Superdekes!!

    Afraid I don’t know this Baker record of which you speak, but I’m all for trying new things.

    Also: I assume Dwight was refering to the striking speed of the snake and mongoose. You wouldn’t want to be in a flinch coontest with either of them. Or Dwight, for that matter.

  5. Never heard of Anita Baker!

    I tell you what though, every time I see that Witney album (and I see it a lot) I think of how happy she looks.

    Anita less so.

    • And I imagine I look almost as happy as cover photo Whitney when I hear I wanna Dance with somebody, particularly the late song backup vocal chant of “Dance!”

      • Everyone is is happy when they hear that one, I reckon.

  6. Nice Office tie in! 🙂

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