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Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott – Supa Dupa Fly (1997)

November 10, 2016


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[Album 485/1001]

Call me Mr. Fussypants.

I complain when:

a. An artist is TOO self-absorbed
If you are truly the bee’s knees, stop telling me, I already know!


b. An artist is TOO generous
If you have too many guest spots, too many producer/entourage name checks, for Pete’s sake, tell me more about yourself, that’s why I bought your CD!

So how can you possibly win?

Answer: Be like Missy.


Though she was occasionally guilty of both of the above on Supa Dupa Fly, these missy_elliott_supa_dupa_flycomplaints are more than offset by her excellence in the following areas:

a. The Supa Dupa Fly tunes hold up remarkably well
If it weren’t for Beep Me 911′s lyric about calling someone on a cell phone (who uses a phone as a phone in 2016!), I’d have no idea when this album was released.

b. She is a Master of the semi-flattering insult
“My style is supa dupa fly and yours is so so.”

I’m not sure who’s on the receiving end of this Pass Da Blunt song-ending zinger but it’s a devastatingly effective closing statement.

If she’d said, “your style is stupid,” or some equally juvenile variation on an extreme point of view, it’s not a credible insult, it just feels like uninformed name-calling.

But, because she says “yours is so so,” it feels like she’s listened, contemplated, and delivered a lukewarm review.

Which is so much more vicious as there’s no comeback for tepid praise!

c. She is Grateful & Humble
The closing track, Missy’s Farewell, is a 24-second track of spoken appreciation to those who helped make her debut album possible.

In the album liner notes, she included personalized thank yous as well, as shown below:



The final text in the above photo provides the contact info for the MISSY ELLIOTT FAN CLUB.

So I suppose I should address this review to the attention of Louise C. West.

Based on the strength of Supa Dupa Fly (and Under Construction), if the Missy Fan Club is still a going concern, Louise, please sign me up!


Verbalize the Positive

Not that an excuse should ever be needed for doing something constructive, but in light of recent events in the country I’m currently visiting musically, I want to start doing a better job of verbalizing the positive.

So for the foreseeable future, I’m going to try to wrap up my posts with a quick compliment to a fellow blogger.

On that note, a Verbalize the Positive tip of the hat to The Guitar Train – I appreciate your niceness disclaimer on your homepage!

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  1. I have obviously heard the name Missy Elliot but the music is not my cup of tea but you have to hand it her for sending out kudos to all those who helped her on her Musical Path….
    Having said that if Van Halen were to do something like that I would have probably stroked!

    • It was a nice surprise to hear those thank yous as the closing track – who knows, maybe Eddie’s somehow been saving up decades of gratitude to finally express on the next VH!

      • Thats the thing with Halen. As a fan since 1980 its frustrating when they go silent for long stretches… l thought it would change with Wolf being young and having his ear to the street as he basically has assembled the set lists for the last few tours which he has done a remarkable job….
        Than again his Dad and Uncle call the shots….
        There Dysfunctional but yet when they drop a new release i’m all giddy like the 13 year fan boy was when I first heard them back 3 decades ago…(Yikes)

      • And VH1 is getting close to the 4 decade mark – my goodness, time is flying!
        They’re a group I’d definitely like to see, nice to hear the young man’s putting together good running orders!

  2. I don’t mind some Missy Elliott. My wife was a fan when we met (still is, but she very rarely plays much of the music she did back then) and I got an appreciation for the energy and the wit. Not something I could listen to often, but there’s certainly stuff there to enjoy.

    And I do like the collaborations and thanks. Always like to see a ‘thank you’ list in albums… sometimes it leads to new discoveries.

    • Nice call on the thank yous sometimes acting as referrals – I hadn’t thought of it like that, but now that I think of it, it’s like they’re inadvertently recommending other artists I’d like!

      • I’ve discovered a few artists over the years as a result of the ‘thank you list’. Not enough non-hip hop folks give a nod to other acts these days, though.

      • I was impressed with the 2Pac album I heard recently, there’s a recurring hook “what else can I say, I wouldn’t be here today if the old school didn’t pave my way” – and then namechecked a bunch of his inspirations, nice to see!

  3. … and yes to verbalising the positive.

  4. Mr. Fussypants! (you said to call you that)

  5. Part a) is most rappers. Waaaaay too much boasting.

    Part b) is most rappers. Waaaaay too many guests.

    Missy has always been cool, and smart, and that step ahead nd above somany others. She’s got class, and style, and she’s a killer with a mic. None of what you discovered surprises me in the least!

    And hey, I just found out why you’re doing the Positive thing! What a great idea. I am Aaron of the KMA and I fully endorse this endeavour!

  6. Love that point about the other person’s music being so-so. Tepid praise is an interesting concept, I might write an essay on that!

    So, this is the beginning of verbalizing the positive. Again, excellent initiative.

    • I’d be thrilled to read a tepid praise essay – and in the comments section after reading, offer praise for the essay that is much less tepid!

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