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Grant Lee Buffalo – Fuzzy (1993)

November 14, 2016


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[Album 487/1001]

The film, Hot Tub Time Machine, probably wasn’t a great movie.

But I do remember a couple of scenes from the movie vividly:

  1. Perhaps the finest example of “he said the name of the movie IN the movie” that I’ve ever seen.
  2. The scene below, featuring the repeated whispered line, “Great White Buffalo,” referring to the true, extremely rare, love of one’s life. In this case, sadly for John Cusack’s character, also the one that got away.



For some reason, I struggle to hear the band name, Grant Lee Buffalo, without thinking of John Cusack/Craig Robinson/Rob Corddry whispering, “Great White Buffalo.”

Which begs the question: is Grant Lee Buffalo’s debut album, Fuzzy, as Rob Coddry’s character would call it, A Great White Buffalo, a true 1%-er?

The quick answer is, No.

But the longer, math-ier answer is, Almost, as it may end up being as high as a 2.5%-er.


1001 Albums Distribution

Back when I reviewed Röyksopp’s Melody AM, I included this modified Standard Deviation chart, to help me figure out why I was having so many mildly positive responses to albums on the 1001 list.

My conclusion? That I’m inevitably going to feel that way about over two thirds of the album220px-fuzzyalbumcovers on this list; the majority of the records will be decent, but not necessarily life-changing.

I’m not convinced Fuzzy will be one of those exceptionally rare albums (one of the 0.3%) falling beyond the ‘Magical‘ extreme.

However, after months of listening, I’d likely rank this album as better than Really Good.

Meaning, at worst, it would be approaching Stellar, and at best, fall just shy of Magical.

Which are probably loftier adjectives than what most viewers throw around when describing Hot Tub Time Machine.


Verbalize the Positive

I appreciate how Bruce @ VinylConnection hosted the Film Soundtrack Festival over the past two weeks, a fine community-building event. And more personally, I appreciate how he also correctly noted that the 1001 list doesn’t actually represent a random sample, thus making my above graph inherently flawed. That kind of music+math nerdiness is always encouraged ’round here   😀

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  1. Two thirds within one standard deviation each side sound about right really. Though one would hope a book purporting to be the best 1001 albums ever might reveal a normal curve skewed a little to the right.

    • One would hope!
      I suppose here, the emphasis is on ‘important’ albums rather than ‘best’ albums, so having that left-side tail with not-so-enjoyable albums (that were still somehow culturally significant) would fit

  2. I love this album, Geoff. Love it unreservedly. Really pretty surprised that it’s on the 1001… glad it is, cause it deserves a wider audience. And I’m really glad that you dig it, too.

    • It was brand new to me this year, based on how much it appealed to me, it’s one of those ones I’m surprised I hadn’t even heard of previously.

      By being loved unreservedly, sounds like Fuzzy may even be a 1%-er for you J!

      • Quite possibly, Geoff. This and Mighty Joe Moon are big albums for me… their influence was pretty huge (even had a short lived project named after MJM). Great albums. If you haven’t heard Mighty Joe Moon I’d highly recommend it.

      • If it inspires a J project, sold!

  3. Just some trivia to bring to the discussion: Grant Lee Phillips is the town troubadour on Gilmore Girls! Wonder if an album was released of those songs.

    • I love when trivia is added to the discussion Amrita! I’m curious if he’ll make an appearance on the Netflix continuation of Gilmore Girls

  4. Wow, never heard these guys. Now I won’t be rushing right out, but if I happen across it, I wouldn’t say no.

    And another Positive message! I am digging these!

  5. Is that a Hot Tub Time Machine quote?

  6. I sure appreciate being a member of the ‘music+math nerdiness’ club. So much warmer than the ‘pain in the ass pedant’ club I’m usually nominated for.

    • Bruce, I imagine like me, you subscribe to the Groucho Marx philosophy, “I wouldn’t want to be part of any club that would have me as a member” – I appreciate you making the exception for the music+math club!

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