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Sade – Diamond Life (1984)

July 10, 2015

[Album 404/1001]220px-Sade_-_Diamond_Life

On my to-do list in life: travel coast-to-coast across Canada and/or the U.S.

It’s a daunting task, a lot of kilometres/miles.

I wasn’t really sure if it was a realistic goal…until Sade generously provided a potential shortcut route.

Impressively, Diamond Life‘s opener, Smooth Operator, contains both the most catchy AND the least geographically accurate bridge lyric on the 1001 list:

“Coast to Coast, LA to Chicago”

If this LA – Chicago voyage qualifies as coast to coast (and it’s in a song so how could it not?), I just shaved over 1000 miles off my trip!

la to chicago


Diamond Life is not a good alarm clock album.

It does the job nicely however as a late evening selection.

Sade’s voice is intriguing & smooth saxophone lines are all over the record.  Somewhat curiously, or maybe somewhat appropriately given the ubiquity of said sax, the saxophone player’s photo appears before Sade’s in the album liner, even though both his first & last name (Stuart Matthewman) follow hers (Sade Adu) alphabetically.

I’ve since learned Diamond Life could be classified as “quiet storm,” a seeming oxymoron, but fitting for the sound here.

Should I ever embark on that coast-to-coast (or coast-to-midwest) road trip, I’d be happy to bring Diamond Life along for those quiet, and preferably not stormy, nighttime driving shifts.

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  1. Well to be fair, she’s not American. Her Geography could have been dicey.

    • It’s true – it’s like Rick Mercer’s ‘talking to Americans,’ I’m sure if a ‘talking to Canadians’ show were made, we’d look less than informed about a lot of things south of the border!

  2. Too bad you didn’t shave 1001 miles off your trip 😉

  3. Man I like Sade. I have on LP? Or is it cassette? I dunno, I’d have to go spelunking in the man cave to find out for sure.

    Perhaps she’s saying LA to Chicago is coast to coast because she had a heads up on global warming and she envisioned the entire east coast underwater… though why not the west coast, I dunno. It still doesn’t make sense.

    Dammit now I have that saxophone from Smooth Operator in my head!

    • Almost as catchy as the saxophone from Careless Whisper (sorry in advance for getting it stuck in your head)!

  4. One of those albums that I’ve spotted in every format possible (well, cassette, CD and LP) when I’ve been browsing record stores. I’m aware of this only because it’s one of those ‘defining’ albums, but I honestly don’t think I’ve even heard a Sade track from start to finish!

    • If it’s less than 2 pounds or so, it’s not a high risk investment.
      I wouldn’t say it’s one that you need to listen to closely, but it was a nice one to have on while doing dishes at night

  5. Phillip Helbig permalink

    Chicago is on the coast of Lake Michigan. 🙂

    • So that’s what she meant!
      Thought of you yesterday Phillip, I saw thick as a brick in a music shop, on 8-track no less!

  6. Nice One! Personally I find this LP so smooooth that its practically frictionless.

  7. I believe “Frictionless” is Sade’s upcoming album, Joe.

    • Perhaps due to the potential drowsiness from the frictionlessness, the album should come with a warning about avoiding operating heavy machinery!

  8. I love Sade. And, have you seen her lately? She looks as good today as she did back then! My friend Mark says this is because she treats her body like a temple – clean living!

    • Just looking at her website now, I agree! I see she was in Toronto in 2011, I’d be interested in seeing a Sade show if she comes back

  9. I remember this album from my student days, mixed in with The Cult and Sisters of Mercy! Happy times. ☺️

    • Both make appearances on the 1001 – haven’t heard electric yet, but really enjoyed floodland!

  10. Hackskeptic permalink

    I had a bedroom poster of Sade back in the day. You’re right, I looked at her recent pics and she’s aged better than the album!

  11. Aged and Staged To Perfection, Diamond Life ~

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