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Marty Robbins – Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs (1959)

November 3, 2016


Unbelievable USA logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

USA Artists (so far): Aimee Mann, Marty Robbins


[Album 481/1001]

Rookie Mistakes.

In my first year of blogging, I saw this Marty Robbins LP, with its unmistakably colourful cover, at our local Value Village.

I foolishly didn’t pick it up, thinking the $2 price tag was too steep (!), or at least relatively steep compared to the $0.25/album luck I’d been having at garage sales.220px-gunfighter-ballads-robbins-cd

Perhaps I also assumed it would be like those Kenny Rogers & Barbara Streisand records that overflowed from the shelves, surely Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs would resurface elsewhere for cheaper?

Yet it never did.

So I wouldn’t say the Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs LP has become my ‘white whale,’ but I’ve thought about that missed opportunity more than I expected.


Was saving the $2 in 2012 the right call?

In what I imagine to be 1959 Gunfighter parlance, I reckon it was not.

The results of my extensive research are below!










From → 1950s

  1. Second time this week I’ve read about this album.

    I didn’t grow up with it, but I did grow up with his Greatest Hits. I used Battle of New Orleans as part of my OAC paper on the War of 1812.

    I have the remastered CD with bonus tracks, that’s a fine one to get!

    • It’s now Marty Robbins appreciation week, apparently!
      I remember the music was a key part of any history projects I did too – I like how we both remember OAC too, not sure if my students would know what that meant!

  2. Hahaha man this is brilliant. Love the powerpoint presentation. If you were paid by the hour to do all of that, you paid more than the cost of the record to make your slides!

    I see this record all the time in my VV. In fact it may be in our bins right now (I don’t recall). Can I assume you need a copy, or are you all set now? Did you get one, finally?

    Also, here’s a good rule to shopping at VV: If you see something you want, BUY IT. Don’t leave it. Don’t wait. The chances it will be gone are higher than it still being there when you come back for it. So, in this way, shopping there is like driving in Toronto: JUST DO IT.

    • Haha, alas the PPT slides are a labour of love, no financial compensation as of yet!
      Good to hear the LP shows up in your VV – I’m all set now, thanks for checking. And that’s good advice, like the Nike slogan, just do it!

  3. I do love westerns and cowboys but that never evolved into a love of country music so… not sure about this one! Always loved that cover though.

    • Not to worry – I think I’m either in the late majority/laggard part of the bell curve when it comes to embracing (old school) country – glad to be here now though!

  4. Holy Crap ..I need to take a Night Class to figure this stuff out…hahaha…such an excellent slant on things in the ‘woulda coulda ” section of 1001 albums…..
    Pure Brilliance Dude!..
    That cover would make a real cool poster in someone’s ManCave…..

  5. Haha, that’s why the online calculators are so great, they take care of all those pesky compound interest exponential calculations! Cheers Deke – I made the mistake not buying the LP, if I see the poster, definitely wouldn’t make that same mistake twice!

  6. My mother was a fan of Marty Robbins.

    And he is mentioned in a Who song!

  7. Big Iron is just awesome beyond all my ability to describe it.

  8. Brilliance, Geoff – love the graphics as always (I hope you delivered them in class!).

    I actually hadn’t heard this until fairly recently (a few months ago). On my list, but I’ve never seen a copy. When I do I won’t pass it up!

    • Cheers J – yes, I’m glad you’ll be able to learn from my mistake, when you see it (as Jim Morrison I believe said), the time to hesitate is through!

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