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Wilco – Being There (1996)

November 30, 2016


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[Album 500/1001]

It’s Wilco’s fault that I started the 1001 project.

Or at the very least, if not entirely culpable, they were certainly a catalyst.

I can picture myself in mid-2011, listening to Summerteeth repeatedly, thinking to myself, now this is Music. Man, do I ever I know what I like!

Which isn’t an incorrect observation, per se.

But I eventually came to an important and somewhat frightening realization: I’ve started to put up walls.

My mind was starting to close, my willingness to explore different artists was dwindling, statements bemoaning the state of 21st Century music like, “There hasn’t been a great album since OK Computer,” were being made all too frequently by yours truly.

Yes I knew what I liked; but more accurately, I liked what I knew.

So for the last 5 years, beloved albums like Being There have been ignored in favour of a whole lotta new album exploration.

500 albums later, Wilco, it’s wonderful to be back. Let’s never fight again!


Jeff Tweedy + Parks & Rec = As amazing as you’d think





Do you prefer Outtasite (Outtamind) or Outta Mind (Outta Sight)?

Believe it or not, these are 2 separate tracks on Being There.

While I’ve always held the former in high regard, I used to be offended by the latter.

Outta Mind is essentially a remix, but not your teenager’s remix. It’s more like your toddler’s remix; if you can somehow not sing the theme to Sesame Street over the first few notes, you’re stronger than I’ll ever be.

Though five years later, I’m no longer offended by the Sesame Street-esque feel. Now it just feels like my music & my kids’ music are colliding!

But the track wordplay got me thinking about how I’d somehow gone 5 years betweewilco-beingtheren listens.

Was Being There stuck on the shelf:

a) Because it was buried with the ‘W’ artists & I didn’t think of it (outtasite, therefore outta mind)


b) Because I wasn’t thinking of Wilco & was overlooked as a result (outta mind, therefore outta sight)

As it often is, it’s probably a little from column A, a little from column B.

Either way, it shan’t be stuck on the shelf for half a decade again!


Verbalize the Positive

I appreciate that in a recent review, Jimmy @ KingCrimsonProg decided an album was a good one if it was “an album I’ll be listening to in five years time.” And it was such a neat album evaluation metric, I simply had to borrow it – cheers Jimmy!

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  1. Congrats on 500! Wow!

    Man, Being There has been a close friend for ages. I LOVE IT. It makes me so very happy that it’s on the list!

    Also, I have a Wilco record scheduled to post tomorrow! Great minds think alike…

    • Either that or fools seldom differ…I prefer your great minds saying!
      Thanks Aaron, I liked when Mike used 500 Up for his 500th post, Wilco felt an appropriate one here.
      Tomorrow, when I hit #501, I finally get to say Whoa, halfway there!

      • Great minds, Geoff. Always great minds…

        Wilco is always appropriate! 🙂

        Maybe next post you can use Black Crowes’ Halfway To Everywhere…

  2. fyfeopedia permalink

    Being There is an amazing double album. It’s fighting with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot as my favourite Wilco album.

    • And that’s a battle where there isn’t a wrong answer!
      Because I heard this one first, it would likely get the nod from me, but YHF is also deservingly on the 1001 (as is Mermaid Ave)

      • fyfeopedia permalink

        First Mermaid Avenue is definitely up there too. ‘Remember the Mountain Bed’ from the second Mermaid Avenue is probably my favourite individual Wilco song.

  3. There’s a lot of musicianship on this album, always worth a revisit.

  4. You always a drawn back in to the fav’s Geoff! Other Albums for sure come and go but everyone has there still go to records! Congrats man….well done!

  5. Happy 500!! Great work, Geoff (I still need to have a look through the ‘back pages’ here).

    I completely agree on the putting up of walls. I found myself doing the very same thing… I knew what I liked. Nothing else really mattered. Still a little like that today, but I find the ol’ blogging community here great for introducing me to ‘new’ stuff.

    As for this album… well, I love this one. Another favourite, Geoff. I’m gonna go listen just now… thanks!

    • Much appreciated J!
      It’s funny how the community just sort of formed – I can’t remember where or when it started to come together, but it’s now hard to picture blogging without it!
      It’s nice to get those ‘referrals’ of music to check out too from fellow bloggers – by the time I finish the 1001 list, I’ll have no shortage of other music that must also be heard!

      • The list I’ve made of stuff recommended on here is silly now… honestly doubt there’s any chance I’ll get ’round to checking half of it out!

        And yeah, the community is really quite something. I’ve no idea how I fell into it, but I’m glad I did!

      • Silly is an apt term!

        I remember doing a spreadsheet when I did an alphabet series last year, people chimed in with other deserving artists that didn’t make my Top 5s for each letter.

        I think by the end of the alphabet, commenters had recommended another 440(!) deserving artists that I had overlooked!

      • When you consider how long it takes to fully appreciate an album (never mind an artist!), it’s unrealistic to even get near some of the recommendations!

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