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Scott Walker – Scott 4 (1969)

November 5, 2019

[Album 685/1001]

What do The Beatles, Stones…and Scott Walker have in common?

In all likelihood, not a great deal!

However, in terms of career stages, there is at least one three-way parallel:

Each recorded an album of entirely original material in the 1960s, two years into their respective recording careers.

Beatles – A Hard Days Night (’64, after the debut in ’62)

Stones – Aftermath (’66, after the debut in ’64)

Walker – Scott 4 (’69, after the ’67 debut)

While the Stones & the Beatles may have had the stronger individual tracks (Under My Scott_4_(Front_Cover)Thumb, Any Time at All) on their first fully original LPs, Walker might have the strongest overall album of the bunch.

The vocals aren’t quite as theatrical as they were on Scott 2 but they’re no less effective. And in my humble opinion (or IMHO as the kids abbreviate), his original songs are superior to his cover source material.

So perhaps the trio of artists has a second parallel as well:

You could say that each was in peak form in 1969, with Abbey Road, Let It Bleed, and Scott 4!

effectiveness (2)


Verbalize the Positive

1969, what a statistically exceptional year for music!

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  1. I adore this album! The song ‘Duchess’ is a particular favourite of mine, with its exquisitely evocative imagery and metaphors: “Rembrandt swells…,” “With the Persian sea running through your veins…” (I also really love the cadence of his voice in the, “It says no / it says yes,” lyric!)
    1969 is also a favourite cultural year of mine, as well! My final Art piece for class this year was a photographic series where I manipulated setting and costuming to suggest cultural and social landmarks and norms of the year!

    • What a terrific idea for an art piece Adela – I’d be keen to see that series!
      I remember you saying Duchess was a standout a few weeks ago & now that I’ve heard it, I certainly agree!

      • Thank you so much! I thought I’d post some pictures of it on my blog today (I can post again, now that I’m done!!!), so they should be up soon!

      • I just posted the art piece! My photos are underneath a poem I wrote!

      • For some reason, I’m not sure that it posted properly! It appears on my blog but not in my reader! I can send links to the images if need be!

  2. I love this record too. Hits the perfect balance between the lovely crooning of his earlier records and tightening up and personalising his sound for the late 1960s.

    • Graham I recall that you and a few others recommended 4 when I reviewed Scott 2 – and I’m pleased none of you led me astray, it was terrific!

      • Yup, one of my favourites. There’s no more Walker albums on the list, right? He gets way more out there on his more recent stuff.

  3. Wow, thats saying something that Walkers album is stronger overall than the Beatles and the Stones.
    That’s the great thing about blogs Geoff is that someone like me can read this kind of post and go ‘really?’ than head to youtube to check out Walker and to see if what your writing is crazy talk! haha
    Have a good day Fella!

    • Crazy talk is my kind of talk!
      I should say, his first fully original LP might be stronger than the first fully original LPs by those other 2 somewhat famous groups. I don’t think I’m ready to say it’s better than the white album or exile on main street just yet!

  4. jprobichaud permalink

    Not to steal your thunder but I’ve been wondering if my blog needs more Venn diagrams.

    • I would quite enjoy seeing them!
      I’m usually a ‘less is more’ person – except with venn diagrams, then more is more!

  5. As usual, the diagram sells me! Something about graphs and charts that you can’t argue with!!

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