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Echo & The Bunnymen – Porcupine (1983)

November 7, 2019

[Album 686/1001]

When you think of Hamilton, Ontario, what image jumps to mind?

a) Absolutely nothing, as you’re unfamiliar with the city/province

b) An industrial city (with a somewhat prickly exterior)

c) Martin Short / Eugene Levy / Dave Thomas / Arkells / other talented Hamiltonians / any other possible answer except…

d) Waterfalls

Until recently, there’s no chance I would have chosen d).

But apparently, and completely unbeknownst to me, there are more than 100 waterfalls in the city. And I grew up in Burlington, with all these terrific waterfalls right next door, yet completely off my radar!


Untitled presentation (17)


If this seems like one of those reviews where I change one word from the seemingly unrelated introduction to make it about the artist/album in the title…well, I see you’ve played Knifey-Spooney before!

I really should have been aware of Echo & The Bunnymen before this year.220px-EAB_Porcupine_albumcover

I grew up adoring their musical contemporaries, how was I oblivious to their existence for so long?

They really are my Hamilton Waterfalls.

A city with a prickly reputation, but full of hidden beauty, a stone’s throw from my childhood home.

And Porcupine would certainly qualify as a prickly title for an album full of (previously hidden to me) gems, so musically similar to my childhood favourites.


Verbalize the Positive

My wonderful wife & I just watched The Other Guys for the first time since seeing it in theatres.

I quite enjoyed Michael Keaton’s recurring TLC song-referencing jokes, like his advice to his police officers of “don’t go chasing waterfalls!”

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  1. It’s my least favourite of the first four but still had some great tracks. Still perplexed that Heaven Up Here isn’t on the list.

  2. Hidden beauty is good way to describe Porcupine (1983). I like the atmosphere. “The Cutter” and “The Back of Love” are just ok to me. I prefer the non-singles.

    • I’ve found that with a lot of groups on the 1001 list – the singles may be the initial hook, but then some of the more atmospheric tracks end up being more interesting

  3. You can’t beat those albums you call ‘Gems’ Geoff! Better late than never as well!

    • I remember you call the track 10/11/12 great tunes, “late album gems” Deke – these Echo & The Bunnymen albums are gems, I’m just arriving very late!

  4. jprobichaud permalink

    I remember, once, many years ago, coming back from Casino Niagara late one night on the QEW and after snoozing for a bit in the back seat, awoke as we were passing through Hamilton and thought we had somehow found ourselves in the depths of Hades, with all those flames shooting off the ends of smokestacks.

    • I don’t remember seeing too many illustrations of Hades featuring Waterfalls!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        There’s no waterfalls along the QEW! They’re all hidden behind the industrial wastelands!

  5. jprobichaud permalink

    Oh… and yeah… Echo and the Bunnymen. 👍

  6. Love TLC, never listened to Echo & the Bunnymen. In 1983, Def Lep was King and hard rock was my scene so no time for men that played with bunnies. Now, I see the appeal, but back then…not a chance.

  7. Hurrah! for finding Echo & The Bunnymen (and Porcupine); I don’t think there’s much between those albums.

    And 100 waterfalls? Man, I do like waterfalls.

  8. I have just started listening to these guys too as Sarah has been finding their album on vinyl. Good stuff. I don’t think she has this one though.

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