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Scott Walker – Scott 2 (1968)

October 18, 2019

[Album 679/1001]

On the 1001 list, I’m finding that song lyrics will inevitably explore similar themes.

Loves, losses, life lessons…generally speaking, it’s not all that surprising to hear lyrical themes resurface in new contexts.

That being said, I never thought ‘reminiscing about clients being processed efficiently through a whorehouse’ would become a recurring theme.

But sure enough, with Ute Lemper/The Divine Comedy‘s Tango Ballad and now Scott Walker’s Next, that’s at least two songs (so far) to explore the subject!



Throughout Scott 2, Walker seems like he’d be quite the performer on stage.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that a few of the tunes here were written by Jacques Brel (whose album, Olympia ’64, might the most ‘all-in’ live 220px-Scott_2_-_Scott_Walkerperformance I’ve heard).

And when I’m listening to Scott Walker, all I hear is Neil Hannon (The Divine Comedy)’s voice.

So I was somewhat less surprised to learn that Neil’s a Walker fan; fittingly, Neil included the album, Scott Walker Sings Jacques Brel, among his all time favourites.

Therefore, it becomes a virtuous cycle of entertaining & theatrical music:

Jacques writes songs.

Scott sings those songs.

Neil is inspired by those songs.

Ute collaborates with Neil.

Their tune shares a theme with a song by Jacques.

Which was performed by Scott…

Music Cycle



Verbalize the Positive

Once again this year, on October 17th (the anniversary of Gord Downie’s passing), I really appreciate that our local rock station, K-Rock 105.7, changed their name and programming for the day to “Gord FM.”

24 hours devoted to The Tragically Hip & Gord Downie, celebrating his life and the band’s music.

Well done K-Rock/Gord FM!

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  1. I like the Brel stuff, but I prefer Scott 4 where he wrote the songs himself. He gets way weirder later – there are some amazing tracks on the Walker Brothers’ Nite Flights.

  2. Of the Scotts, 4 is my favourite, though I’m also very fond of 3. This is a good one, though.

    If you feel like delving into his later work, you’re in for a real treat.

    • 4 is also on the list – I thought it was intriguing that 2 and 4 were included, but 1 & 3 (and any other numbered Scotts?) were not!

      • To be honest, the 4 Scott’s are all great, in my opinion… it’d be interesting to understand why they picked 2 and 4.

  3. It’s hard to think Gord has been gone for two years already. Our local station plays a ton of Hip and every time I hear a tune it’s like dang I miss that guy/band.
    That vinyl copy of Day for Night has been such a brilliant revisit. Impact Album for sure!

    • Deke I meant to message you yesterday!
      When I got home from school, it occurred to me that KRock would possibly be doing Gord FM – sure enough, the first full tune I heard? Gus the Polar Bear, thought you’d approve!

      • Man I actually love that tune. I totally approve!

  4. I’ve recently become very fond indeed of Scott Walker — he was, after all, David Bowie’s hero (one might say that he was David Bowie’s David Bowie!)! My favourites are Scott 3 (which has the stunning ‘It’s Raining Today’ on it) and the famous ‘Scott 4’ (my favourite track is the poignant ‘Duchess’)! The aforementioned ‘Nite Flights’ — though technically a Walker Brothers album — is also truly spine-chilling, and was a huge influence on David…

    • If Scott ends up being an Artist of the Week – I will borrow that Bowie trivia (and hopefully make up for the missed opportunity with the Peter Frampton connection)!
      I”ve had Scott 4 on this weekend, I”m finding it sounds quite different (yet no less strong) than 2. So it appears he’s an artist that kept evolving – a very Bowie-esque thing to do!

  5. I keep hearing good things about this guy. Must make time and give his music a proper listen. I like Neil Hannon so that could work for me.

  6. We have been giving our Hips albums a lot of spins lately as a tribute. Two years already. Time flies.

    • Does it ever – glad to hear they’ve been on the turntable chez Sarca/BuriedonMars.
      I’ve been revisiting Day for Night especially, what an album!

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