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The Motherlode

June 14, 2017

I’m fascinated by the names of different object quantities.

25 sheets of paper? A quire, or 1/20th of a ream.

Another name for 201.168 metres? Not unlike the actor Edward in Terminator 2, a furlong.

The technical name for arriving home to find 48 8-track cartridges on your doorstep?

That would be the motherlode!





Verbalize the Positive

The “A” in the note above, of course, is for Aaron of keepsmealive, a man whose generosity knows no bounds.

I’m guessing in 2017, very few people would appreciate receiving a, or rather, The, motherlode of 8-tracks in the mail.

Fewer still would think to send such a care package.

Which makes this such a wonderful example of a thoughtful sender knowing their niche audience; I couldn’t be more ebullient!

Cheers Aaron & 1001 thank yous – a bunch of these are on the list, it will be a blast to review them in this delightfully antiquated format!

To borrow an Aaron-ism, Community!!!

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    Dear god! 8-track cassettes. I’m assuming you have a player still that works? Crazy.

    • Haha – I do!
      My folks were decluttering a couple years ago and I leapt at the chance to give it a new home 😀

      • jprobichaud permalink

        Awesome. Alan Cross is always ranting about how ludicrous he finds he resurgence in the cassette tape. I wonder what he would think of this…

      • I imagine ludicrous would be an understatement here!

      • And Canada Post got them there at “ludicrous speed!” Wait… does this mean Canada Post is run by… Spaceballs???

      • They nearly went plaid!

      • So long as they don’t give us… the raspberry!

      • How does it sound? I remember ours was awful and of course tracks switch mid-song…

      • Audiophiles would not approve of the sound – but I love it!

      • LOL! I think it would drive me bonkers honestly 🙂

      • There are a few Kiss ones in there too, I’ll let you know how many stars/steaks I’d give them!

      • Hey you are certainly welcome to join our Kiss series. If I did a Geoff’s slice, I would use 5/5 piecharts as your system.

  2. Hooray they arrived! I just hope some of them work, otherwise I’ve sent you some interesting paperweights! 😉

  3. Actually, that was darn quick… I think I mailed those Thursday… 5 days if you count the weekend! Not bad, Canada Post!

    • It was fantastic seeing the box on the doorstep – far too many 8-tracks to fit in our tiny mailbox down the street!

      • Haha imagine if the mailman knew what was in there…

        Also happy there are 1001 list items in there – I seem to have a knack for sending stuff that’s on the list without even knowing it is.

      • I’m surprised it made it without being labelled as a suspicious package – 48 8-tracks in 2017? Something funny going on here!

      • Yeah, all the 8-track sniffing dogs died off decades ago…

  4. That is truly awesome!
    Aaron is a stand up guy man…always giving,wanting nothing in return!

  5. Just took a quick look a ton of Casablanca which means KISS…see some Styx and a personal fav of Cheap Trick At The Budokan!

  6. bcturner permalink

    Nice stuff in there geoff! That production of sweeney todd is sure to be interesting

  7. There’s some great stuff in that box Geoff. With Beatles stuff being highly collectible I wonder what the value is of that 62-66 album?

    • That’s a good question – now that I’m lucky to have it, I’d have a tough time parting with it though!

      • I looked on Discogs – there’s a UK edition starting at about $17, and an Italian edition starting at $54.

  8. Community!!

    My 8 track player needs some attention as it sounds a little “warbled” and chewed up a tape the last time I used it.
    If I ever do a repair post at least I should have one reader.

  9. Just curious. Are any of those quadrophonic?

    • Haven’t had a chance to give any a spin yet (or whatever the verb is for 8-tracks?!) – We shall see!

  10. That’s wonderful stuff. I mean … wow!

  11. Zoiks! Look at that! That’s incredible… community indeed. Way to go, Aaron!

  12. Looks like some great tapes in there “Motherlode” is right.

    • I assume people were only getting rid of them because of the format – otherwise there’s no way people should be ditching some of these albums, lots of keepers!

      • Some of us wiser people have kept a old 8 track player all these years if only for nostalgic reasons.Just think 3 generations from now our kids kids kids???? will be playing 8 tracks to screw with there friends.

      • I understand there are youtube videos of kids being baffled by walkmans – if they saw an 8-track, I don’t think they’d be able to handle it!

  13. Brilliant. The glow from this post has crossed the oceans to wintery Melbourne. Cheers Aaron, Cheers Geoff!

    • And cheers Bruce, that’s excellent to hear!

    • Haha “winter” in Melbourne. With highs of 17C and lows of 8C. Winter! Man, those are beach days!

      • No, really. The forecast for later in the week is 13 C. People are writing to their MPs demanding more global warming.

      • Man, I wear shorts and a t-shirt at 13C.

        If you had more global warming, rising sea levels might make how you feel about the weather moot. Do you own a boat?

      • Nah. Adani (Indian multi-national) is about to get a billion dollar subsidy to build a gigantic coal mine just near the Great Barrier Reef. All the extra water will flow into that hole. Well that’s my prediction. All oligarchs are socially responsible, right?

      • I do not even want to start on what a monumentally bad idea that mine is.

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