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Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (1970) & Bad Company – Bad Company (1974)

September 8, 2020

[Albums 797 & 798 / 1001]

Do you have a favourite self-titled trifecta?

I can think of a trio of good ones from the 1001 albums list:

Bad Company’s Bad Company, from the album, Bad Company.

Black Sabbath’s Black Sabbath, from the album, Black Sabbath.

And Iron Maiden’s Iron Maiden, from the album, Iron Maiden.

But who had the best eponymous song / album / band?


Self-Titled Song: Bad Company

I appreciate that each group went in a different direction in terms of running order placement.

Black Sabbath’s decision to use the title track as the opener makes perfect sense. The rain sounds are suitably ominous and the mid-song gear change is likely the second best mid-song gear change of 1970.220px-BadCompanyBadCompany

Iron Maiden’s choice to close with the title track also exudes logic.

However, in this case I have to give the nod to Bad Company. As a side 2 opener, it works quite well.

And recently seeing the song referenced in the Fred Armisen/Maya Rudolph show, Forever, is what inspired this post in the first place.

So if a tie-breaker is needed, that would be it!



Album: Black Sabbath

Once again, there’s a lot to like across the board.

Bad Company’s debut is nice & concise. Considering the album includes Can’t Get Enough, they would also earn bonus marks for the Tia Carrere/Christopher Walken dance scene in Wayne’s World 2.220px-Black_Sabbath_debut_album

With Iron Maiden’s formidable debut, I’m fortunate enough to own the enhanced CD.

However, only Black Sabbath included multiple song suites, one of my favourite track formats.

In one of those solid suites, the song segment Wasp provides a nice preview of one of the best Oasis tunes of the 21st Century (The Shock of the Lightning), albeit with a swing beat.

Most importantly, thanks to Aaron @ Keepsmealive, I own this on 8-track.

To borrow a Michael Caine quote, You Can’t Beat That!



Band: Iron Maiden

The mark of strong B(r)and recognition?

The tendency for fans to abbreviate the group name.

Whereas Bad Company’s shortening to Bad Co. is a promising start, it’s hard to picture many fans unambiguously referring to the group as either ‘Bad’ or ‘Company.’

On the other hand, it’s hard to picture many fans referring to Sabbath or Maiden by using their full artist names!

Therefore, while all 3 are quality groups, a tip of the hat must go to (Iron) Maiden for being so consistent for so long.

Alas, I’ve already reviewed Maiden’s self-titled album, so only 2 outta 3 of these albums would count as ‘new’ reviews.

But I rarely need much encouragement to break out my enhanced CD for another revisit!



Is it possible to determine who had the best overall self-titled Song / Band / Album combo?

Let me know!


Verbalize the Positive

I love when music is name-checked on TV shows, as Bad Company was on the show Forever!

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  1. I was talking to someone about these trifectas a while back. It’s surprising how few there are. Some metal favorites of mine would be Saint Vitus and Angel Witch.

    Also… the Sabbath song suites. They aren’t listed that way in the European versions. I think it was to do with royalty rates in Us/Canada? You have to have a minimum number of sums for the higher album rate or something like that. So they divided up songs to reach the minimum.

    • Interesting to hear about the rationale for the different editions – most things tend to come back to $, so perhaps unsurprising that factored into the decision!

  2. Teacher goes back to class and Mr Stephen is bringing the Heavy Rock with him. Great read. Never really thought about these bands having their band names as songs. LOL But now I do and look at that your schooled me today!
    Speaking of ..Good luck today. If anything it might be a good time to pull out that debut Maiden after work and rock it hard!

    • Cheers, Deke!
      So far so good at school, the students (and staff for that matter) all seem pleased to be back.
      I admire the brand consistency with these groups on their debuts – just so there is no confusion, we are Black Sabbath playing Black Sabbath on Black Sabbath!

      • I’m glad to hear your week is going well Geoff. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath!

      • Hope all is well @ Sue’s school as well. She can probably relate, but we’re finding we’re out of gas pretty early this week, in bed by 930 or so!

      • Sue told me to tell you that two kids got sent home today because of the runs! So hopefully it won’t go from there!

      • I’ll keep you posted.

  3. I like Night Ranger’s Night Ranger song, but sadly the debut was not self-titled so it must be excluded.

  4. Bo Diddley did a song called Bo Diddley which I think is pretty freakin’ cool. It was on his album “Bo Diddley” but I think it was a single for a few years before.

  5. It’s quite a hard rock phenomenon, right? Motorhead as well. I wonder if the song or the band name come first.

    • Hopefully the song/band/album each featured the umlaut as well!

      • I guess The Monkees almost did it. ‘(Theme From) The Monkees’ was the first song on their debut, self-titled album.

      • And I just had Fred Neil’s Fred Neil on today, which featured the track, Faretheewell (Fred’s Tune) – so close!

    • The song, it was kicking around in Lemmy’s Hawkwind days.

  6. Great spot Geoff. I’m voting for sabbath on this throw down. Although I do love the way the song ‘Bad Company’ sounds like a full western movie.

    • Cheers, Joe – it may be one of those contests where there’s no wrong answer & my vote could change daily!

  7. Ah, I think we’ve been here before. Don’t matter a bean, though. I just love saying these. In fact, I did play Bad Company by Bad Company from Bad Company on my radio show back in the early 90s, and used it and the Sabbath in a quiz I hosted for a record shop about 10 years ago. They all still make me smile, so thanks for the memories.

    • My pleasure, Bruce – both that radio show and quiz sound like things I would have quite enjoyed!

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