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Top 5 Descending (yet Uplifting) UK Patterns

February 6, 2016

Exemplary artwork by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

Talk about a niche category!

Perhaps it’s ironic that notes heading down the scale can sometimes raise my spirits.

In any event, these 5 descending/made-in-the-UK melody lines will brighten my day every time.


5. Keane, Bedshaped (at 4:19)
The closing piano line, a fitting end to a fine debut record.


4. Blur, Best Days (at 1:38)
It somehow keeps descending for several octaves!


3. The Libertines, Death on the Stairs (at 2:45)
Reminds me of the big Pas de Deux from the Nutcracker.


2. Duran Duran, Ordinary World (lead pattern)
As I said when I reviewed Rio, I’m no longer shy about liking Duran Duran…


1.The Cure, Just Like Heaven (lead pattern)
…and I have never, and will never, be remotely timid about my Robert Smith adoration.

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  1. Bedshaped by Keane is one of my all time favourites. 👍🏻☺️

  2. Hackskeptic permalink

    The paradox with mad Bob Smith is that to me he is one of the most miserable artists, and yet sometimes he can produce some of the most uplifting tunes. As for the Duranies, I too can confess an admiration and “Ordinary World” is still their greatest achievement. Great post!

    • ANd sometimes back-to-back, like on Wish where one of the all-time feel good songs (Friday I’m in Love) is followed right up with one of the saddest (trust) and the juxtaposition is beautiful.
      This is certainly a safe place to confess an admiration for Ordinary World – thanks Geoff!

  3. What an interesting concept for a post. Sadly, the only band I’d care about here is Duran Duran, so I can’t really comment on any of the rest, except the band I was in years ago used to dink around playing Song 2 in warm-ups, and I saw the Cure in concert one time and lasted about three songs before leaving. Ah well.

    Anyway, no need to hide the Duran Duran love.

    • Song 2’s an ambitious warm up song for the lead vocals! That would be a good top 5 list, top track 2s…

  4. jprobichaud permalink

    Great Top 5 Geoff!!! Blur AND The Cure! And perhaps my favourites Cure tune ever…

  5. LOVE Just Like Heaven! 🙂

  6. Tangled Up In Music (by Ovidiu Boar) permalink

    Sorry, but Ordinary World is in the list of my all-time most hated !

    • haha, no worries Ovidiu, the greats are always polarizing!

      • Tangled Up In Music (by Ovidiu Boar) permalink

        Duran Duran are considered greats now? Hmm, must’ve missed a meeting on that one 😀

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