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Bryan Adams – Yeah vs. Baby (1 of 2)

May 13, 2015

Partly inspired by / with gratitude to:

– The super Sarca, for sharing her personal walkman journey
– The legendary LeBrain, for his recent Kisstistics
– The O.G. himself, Ice-T (one of these things is not like the other?), for reminding me of how energizing the act of putting a pen to paper can be.



How did you spend your weekend?

Did you say keeping track of the number of times Bryan Adams says “yeah” or “baby” on Waking Up The Neighbours?  Me too!

While in ’91, I had to revisit this one, an essential part of my musical education.

I’ve always admired BA’s ability to fill non-lyric spaces with grunts/casual affirmations/pet names.

If one were so inclined, one could fill spreadsheets with all the c’mons, darlin’s, and woos; for simplicity with this research project, I focused exclusively on his bread & butter, the yeahs and babys.

But which, yeah or baby, was his most-frequent go-to muttering?

Here are the results & observations from program one (program two to follow).


Program one


Keeping track was surprisingly difficult (especially during the yeah/baby-laden outros) and required my undivided attention!

I had to rewind a few times when my mind started to wander.  At one point, my rewind button wasn’t working, so I had to flip the tape to program 2 & fast forward.  That’s Walkman Troubleshooting for all you kids out there.

I was really excited when the Baby count “won” on Thought I’d Died and Gone to Heaven.  It was a photo finish, the song-winning Baby coming right at the end.

16(!) yeahs in Not Guilty.

I should note that during Not Guilty, I started giving out 0.5s for “babe” thinking, if he says “yes” I’d do the same.  Who was I kidding, BA was never that formal, no “yes” half points were ever awarded.

Finally, as shown in the chart, he started to pace himself near the end, perhaps resting up for a big side 2.

We’ll see!

to be concluded…

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    All I’ve got to say about this is: L.O.L. Good ole Bryan A.

  2. LMAO! All I kept thinking all the way through this was A) Austin Powers “YEAH Baby!” And B) BA Baracus’ “I ain’t gettin’ in no plane, fool!”

    And your turning the tape to side two to FFWD to RWD side one is a technique I often used if my batteries were dying and the tape was looser on one reel than the other. Great troubleshooting! Great write-up!
    Thanks for liinking to my blog too!

    • My pleasure Sarca, thank you for the inspiration! I bet my batteries are running low, at least I hope that’s all and it’s not the end for my walkman!

  3. John Sturm permalink

    This reminds me of the collection of every “Yeah” James Hetfield has recorded 😀

    • And that is amazing John – I love how some of Hetfield’s yeahs are fast & furious, some drawn right out yea-eee-yeah!

      • John Sturm permalink

        It’s almost disorientating as my brain is trying to work out what song the yeah is from whilst trying to process the next one at the same time!

  4. This is outstanding. There’s something really pretty wonderful about seeing this all laid out on a nice wee table. Looking forward to seeing side 2! … Good work, sir.

  5. This is fantastic, and in the interests of science! Very well done, sir. Looking very much forward to Side 2.

    One wonders how much Mutt Lange had to do with this increase in utterances. Were there that many on Reckless? Hm.

    Which also leads me to your next project: counting exclamation! points! on! Shania! Twain! albums!

    • Funny you mention side 2 – I saw this on CD in value village recently and it just didn’t look right.
      It needs to be program one/two, there will never be another tonight deserves to be a side opener!

  6. Also, kudos for doing this on cassette. Ahhh yes…

  7. This is simply aweosme! Well done ..great idea!

    • Thanks Deke – it’s something I’ve often wondered about, glad to finally get around to counting them!

  8. Good work!

  9. Hackskeptic permalink

    I laughed at the chart you compiled. Bryan would be proud of your level of dedication. One day I’m going to listen to the complete works of Oasis and count the amount of times they use the word “sunshiiiine”.

  10. Yeah yeah yeah.


  11. How Bryan Adams went from Into the Fire to this tripe…ugh.

    I was so disappointed with this album. When Tom Cochrane beat him in the Juno awards that year I was the only member of our household who felt Cochrane deserved it.

    That was a nasty Juno awards…big controversy over whether this album was “Can-Con” or not. Adams and his manager felt that giving the award to Cochrane was a deliberate attempt to shut them out.

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