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Bryan Adams – Yeah vs. Baby (2 of 2)

May 16, 2015

Bryan Adams – Yeah vs. Baby (1 of 2)

You say Yeah, I say Baby.

Bryan Adams says both.  A lot.

Without further preamble, here’s how many times he says each from program two of Waking Up the Neighbours:

Program Two


Adams’ look (t-shirt, jeans, low-maintenance haircut, real six string) in the video for There Will Never Be Another Tonight has informed my personal sense of style for much of the last 24 years.  A look that’s never really in or out of style, not unlike BA himself.

Though the Yeahs won all but one song, the Babys racked up the highest single-song score (12) on this cassette side.  That’s gotta count for something in a contest that means nothing!

On more serious songs like Don’t Drop That Bomb On Me, the Yeahs remain contextually appropriate; the Babys, wisely omitted.

Overindulgent stats recap/visual summary of both sides:


Distribution by Side Side One Side Two
Yeah 58 45
Baby 23 25
Total Yeahs &/or Babys Per Side 81 70



I was impressed with the reasonably balanced distribution between the two sides.  And speaking of impressive, while fitting in 48 babys (or 3.2 babys per song) is certainly noteworthy, the Yeahs hit triple-digits with a staggering 103 appearances!


Main takeaway message: 
I had a lot of fun revisiting this album, as I always do when listening to BA.

Yeah & Baby.

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  1. Holy man dude ! You will never be able to listen to these records again without going insane !

    • It’s funny, I think it’ll be the opposite!
      For years I’ve been curious about his yeah to baby ratio, now my question has finally been answered.
      That being said, I plan on just listening to his albums for a while, actually keeping track of all those Bryan Adams-isms was exhausting!

  2. I’m with Deke, I hope this hasn’t spoiled the album for you!

    Based on my own experience with that album over the years, if I were a betting man (I am not), I’d have wagered on the side of the Yeahs being more plentiful, and I’d have won that bet! Yeah baby!

    Loved this idea, Geoff. NICE ONE!

    • Merci Aaron, the good news is I can now listen to the album without wondering – I’ve done the math, now I can just sit back and enjoy!

  3. Nice pie chart.
    Are you gonna do The Beatles next?

  4. This is the best kind of science.

    • Gracias HMO – actually thought of you the other day at a record shop, found a Saxon LP when flipping through the ‘metal’ bin!

  5. Yeah! This was ace. This kinda science is what the internets was made for.

    • It’s definitely internets science, not exactly reputable medical journal material, but fun arts & graphs!

    • And thanks J, I’ve never had something I’ve done called ‘ace’ before, I like that!

  6. You’re funny:)

  7. Hackskeptic permalink

    On U2’s “October” album Bonio sings “fall” or “falling” 37 times (I counted)…just sayin’.

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