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Ice-T – O.G. Original Gangster (1991)

May 6, 2015

[Album 396/1001]220px-Ice-T-O.G._Original_Gangster_(album_cover_with_matt)

What a refreshing surprise.

Of course, the typical gangsta rap themes are all covered here (as one might expect from an album named Original Gangster).

However, amid the “dope and dead presidents” imagery, there are some refreshingly enlightened lyrics.

Including, but not limited to:

1. Ed.  Unlike Axl Rose, who claimed to “drink & drive everything’s in sight,” for Ed, his story of reckless drunk driving ended abruptly with his death.

2. Straight Up N****.  “He wanna be gay, well that’s your business…have it your way.” Remember, this was 1991.

3. The House.  “Someone save these kids.”  Ice-T urging neighbors to look out for signs of child abuse and to do something about it.

4. Escape from the Killing Fields.  The violent lifestyle is horrifying as opposed to something worth glorifying.

5. M.V.P.S.  Giving respect to many of his peers, male & female.

6. Body Count.  “I feel sorry for anyone who listens to one form of music.”  As do I.

Now, for those who fear Ice-T had become insufficiently gangster, there’s still plenty of predictable misogyny, violence & expletives but fortunately, there’s also loads of originality along the way.


Want to make some money time-traveling?

Step 1 – Go back in time to 1992.

Step 2 – Bet any takers that Ice-T (the man who sings Cop Killer) will go on to play the role of a Cop that helps track down Killers (for 15 years and counting on Law & Order SVU).

Step 3 – Wait patiently until/Travel to the year 2000, collect winnings.

You can’t lose!


O.G. was certainly a winner in my books.  In my case, it was a low-risk $3 gamble that yielded a highly rewarding return on investment.

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  1. Always liked Ice-T, not always the music so much, but I admit I liked Body Count! Respect to Ice T!

  2. I like me a tall glass of Ice T every once in a while…lol

  3. I never heard this record, but I knew people who loved it for many of the reasons you listed. Right on. Where is he now?

    • Much like Ice Cube (who was among the shoutouts on the track M.V.P.S. here) – both have been married for years & moved on to respected acting careers!

      • Fascinating! I haven’t been paying attention… last film I saw that he was in was Johnny Mnemonic. That one also had ROLLINS!

      • I still remember ROLLINS chasing Charlie Sheen in The Chase!

      • I’m not even sure I saw that movie. Worth it?

      • I can’t remember much beyond it was Rollins over-the-top as the cop out to get the runaway Sheen, probably fits under the fun but instantly forgettable category

      • Rollins? Over the top?? Get outta here!

      • A ‘Tubes of You’ search produced this, not exactly understated!

      • Haha wow was he ever oversteering (and fake!) and then PUKE and then DEAD BODIES and then… oh man. I’m for sure I haven’t seen that film. Now I wonder…

  4. Gotta love some Original Gangster! As you touch on here, Ice-T has a really pretty interesting catalogue – both musically and lyrically. Loads to explore. This one is a real good find for $3.

    • I think this is his only one on the 1001, but Cube’s got another one which I’m keen to explore!

      • Oh – what else does the Cube man have on there? (I should really get myself one of these books, eh?)

      • Predator, Amerikkka’s most wanted (I was a fan), and of course with NWA, Straight Outta Compton!

  5. Hackskeptic permalink

    ahh, a rapper with a conscience. Looking forward to reviewing this one. Sounds like it’s a lot more uplifting than my week listening to “The Downward Spiral” for my next review.

    • Yes – I liked the 1001 book’s take on that one, I remember the journalist saying something like “if this albums speaks to you and you’re not Trent Reznor, be concerned”
      Among the least cheerful albums I’ve heard so far!

  6. Great record, still, musically fantastic, and FUNKY AS HELL! The bass in New Jack Hustler is killer.

  7. I loved this LP for years and years, he was so far ahead of Ice Cube who just cluttered his stuff up with nauseating sex shite.

    I love so many tracks here, but my real favourite today is the skit ‘Street Killer’ – sadly very apt at the moment.

    • Featuring the twist ending I didn’t see coming, agreed about the sadness of its continued relevance

  8. I am on a rap kick lately, listening to a lot of it when I run. I try to avoid the misogyny & gangsta stuff (listening mostly to Talib Kweli & The Roots), but I’m going to seek this one out for a refresher.

  9. This is definitely un-sweeted Ice T – Bryan Adams to O.G. – you have “range” my friend.

    • Thanks for reading Wayne.
      As Ice-T said, he felt sorry for anyone who only listened to one kind of music – I think BA and Ice-T would definitely count as 2 different kinds of music!

      • I always thought of BA as the Canadian Eddie Money – you know, “serviceable but he tries so hard” – like any regular guy on the planet could do rock music if they just had the balls to walk on stage.

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