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Barry Adamson – Moss Side Story (1989) & Oedipus Schmoedipus (1996)

April 12, 2021

[Albums 883 & 884 / 1001]

Did you have a surprise favourite class back in the day?

A couple jump to mind for me: Grade 13/OAC English & a Music Theatre course in University.

In OAC English, we studied Oedipus Rex.

And I’m glad we did because I think I appreciated the play a lot more that way than if I’d merely attempted to go through it by myself.

In the University Music Theatre course, we spent a fair bit of time with West Side Story.

Once again, I’m grateful for that time spent as it was neat exploring the play in more detail and learning more about the context.

As it so often does, in both cases, a knowledgeable & enthusiastic teacher made all the difference; since my OAC English teacher & University Music Theatre prof were so keen about their respective plays, their positive energy was contagious.

I imagine the same would also be true for Barry Adamson’s Moss Side Story & Oedipus Schmoedipus.

It’s one thing to casually listen to them independently, but I could picture my appreciation being enhanced through a more in-depth study.

So if you happen to know of any knowledgeable & enthusiastic instructors leading a Barry Adamson appreciation course in the not too distant future, sign me up!


Verbalize the Positive

Happy April Break!

From → 1980s, 1990s

  1. I always get Barry Adamson and Warren Ellis mixed up because they have similar names and have both worked with Nick Cave. I’ve never heard either of those records, but sounds like I should.

    • And I’m not familiar with Warren Ellis (at least I don’t recognize the name) – but if he works with Nick Cave, that’s generally a good sign!

  2. Don’t know either. But my favorite class was art and drafting. I really enjoyed spending time in those two which is funny because I wasn’t great at either.

    • I was the same with English – not my strongest subject, but was my favourite class in the later years of high school!

  3. Cheers to your week off Geoff as well I took it off with Sue as well since I had a week of holidays left over from last years vacation bank.
    My fav classes in school were Geography and History. Even Sociology to a certain extent.

  4. Never heard of this but I’m in. My favourite class was music (and band). My best marks right through to OAC. Go figure. Surprise classic for me? First year university, we read the Gilgamesh. That story hit me in the gut full force. I still own my old copy. Enjoy your week off, we’re off here too (including my lovely wife, awesome!). Shame the province is on Stay At Home order. Ah well.

    • I gather the weather’s not looking all that favourable for the next couple of days – but so far, it’s been a fine week to be staying at home!

      • Yeah we had rain today. Somebody said snow today or tomorrow but I don’t believe them. If it does, it won’t stay. It can’t – I’m back to barbequeing!

      • You and me both – once the bbq season starts, there’s no going back!

      • Heck yeah! This year, forst thing we barbequed was some nice big steaks. Wish we could’ve had you guys over! I mean, without Covid and, you know, the physical geography of this giant lug of a province.

      • When safe to do so, a community bbq would be delightful!

      • I am already there!

  5. I’ve never heard of either of these artists, so I’m no help with the education. My favourite class in high school was drafting even though I was really bad at it. I design my parents a new kitchen though!

    • I like that, when the ‘favourite class’ doesn’t necessarily mean the one you’re ‘good at,’ more learning for the sake of learning/improving rather than just racking up high marks in an area of strength.

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