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November 17, 2021


[Albums 996 & 997 / 1001]

Of the ‘1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die,’ 29 are from the year 1996.

I’ve reviewed all but 2 of them (LTJ Bukem – Logical Progression & Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Now I Got Worry) so far

Which 1996 albums are the most essential to hear again?

Ranked by their essential-ness, here’s how I’d prioritize revisiting these 29 albums, enjoy!



29. Sepultura – Roots.

Though never say never, I may yet break out ‘Roots Bloody Roots‘ when teaching the roots of a quadratic equation!

28. Barry Adamson – Oedipus Schmoedipus. His second of two.

27. LTJ Bukem – Logical Progression.

26. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Now I Got Worry.

I suppose part of the point of these lists is to start conversations / create a space for debates.

Why did they include _____ and not _______?

Why Logical Progression vs. Gord Downie’s Battle of the Nudes (featuring the track, Willow Logic)?

Why Now I Got Worry vs. Sloan’s Twice Removed (featuring the track, Worried Now)?

No biggie, I’ve already heard those other records dozens of times, so I guess it’s a win for me getting to learn about 2 semi-similarly titled recordings too!

25. Dr. Octagon – Octagonecologyst. One of a few ‘Dr’ debuts on the 1001 list.

24. Underworld – Second Toughest of the Infants. Though the music may not necessarily be my cuppa, the album name is terrific!



23. Fatboy Slim – Better Living Through Chemistry. I appreciated the 3.5″ floppy disk cover art.

22. Eels – Beautiful Freak.

21. Everything But the Girl – Walking Wounded.

20. Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Come Find Yourself.

Some memorable singles from mid-90s compilations, tie goes to the group with the dropped ‘g’

19. Tortoise – Millions Now Living Will Never Die.

18. Ash – 1977.

17. Maxwell – Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite. I hear Maxwell, I think mix tape!



16. The Cardigans – First Band on the Moon.

15. DJ Shadow – Entroducing….

14. The Charlatans – Tellin’ Stories.

13. Stereolab – Emperor Tomato Ketchup.

12. Fugees – Ready or Not. Not to be confused with the mid-90s Canadian television show, Ready or Not!

11. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Murder Ballads. His second of a bunch.

10. Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar. Perhaps not the whole 77 minutes in one go, but I’ll revisit the singles.

9. Fiona Apple – Tidal. Criminal is among the stronger singles of the ’90s.

8. Belle and Sebastien – Tigermilk.

7. Belle and Sebastien – If You’re Feeling Sinister.

Their first and second of two!

6. Super Furry Animals – Fuzzy Logic. Their first of two.

5. Divine Comedy – Casanova. I remember a friend once said Neil Hannon is a genius. Full stop. I don’t disagree!

4. Screaming Trees – Dust. Feels like one I should have had back in the day.

3. Beck – Odelay. His first of three.

2. Manic Street Preachers – Everything Must Go. What an opening track.

1. Wilco – Being There. It rarely stays Outta Site (and therefore rarely Outta Mind) for me!


Verbalize the Positive

1996 – Another beauty of a year, One Chord to Another, Wild Mood Swings, Make a Pest a Pet, Creature, Scenery & Fish, Trouble at the Henhouse…!

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  1. I never new the Divine Comedy made the list and yes Neil Hannon is a genius, a bit wacky but genius never the less.

    • A Short Album About Love also made the cut – and it will be quite high on the eventual 1997 list too!

  2. That’s one fine Wilco album there at #1 on the ‘hit play’ button, Geoff. Two other personal favourites from the list are 13 and 19.

    • Cheers, Bruce – and another fine Wilco album will make an appearance in the early 2000s as well!

  3. 1996 was an interesting year because both Def Leppard and Metallica put out albums that sounded nothing like their previous sound (‘Slang’ and ‘Load’).

    • I remember enjoying the DL tune ‘work it out’ from that album!

      • Oh yeah, that’s a good track! “Where Does Love Go When It Dies” and “All I Want Is Everything” are personal favorites of mine from that album.

  4. Agree with you on the number one this year!

  5. I used to like Marilyn Manson. It is tough to do that now.

    • With some artists, it’s definitely getting increasingly difficult to separate the artist from the art

      • Yes, and I hate that. I used to could do it when I was younger, but now…really difficult.

  6. Some great Can Con in 96… Don’t Wreck It by AOE is one of the best tracks I heard that year..along with Me Wise Magic by Halen lol

  7. JSBX gotta be bumped up that list, man. The blues is #1!! But I agree with #1. Have you got the deluxe 4CD? It’s killer.

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