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Funkadelic – Maggot Brain (1971)

March 20, 2020

[Album 742/1001]

On Wednesday morning, I went for a 7 km run.

It was a cool yet sunny day & my run ended up having three distinct phases.

The first kilometre? To quote Chris Farley in Wayne’s World 2, I feel great!

Kilometres 2 through 6? Heeding Madonna’s advice, I get into a groove, I’m feelin’ good.

The final kilometre? Starts reasonably well & then the wheels fall off badly! One of those runs where the last kilometre seems to take forever. I have that G.O.B. moment of realization: I’ve made a huge mistake, I really should have wrapped it up the run after 6K.

But aside from that final misstep…


Untitled presentation (26)


As luck would have it, Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain was my soundtrack for that morning jog. And the 7 tracks followed an eerily similar pattern.

Track #1 (the title track)? Guitar work courtesy of Eddie Hazel, brimming with confidence, yet the rhythm section keeps things in check, slow & steady wins the race.Maggot_Brain_(Funkadelic_album_-_cover_art)

Tracks #2-6? The band settles into a nice groove, no individual track is noticeably weaker/stronger than the others

Track #7? It starts out favourably enough (cowbell quarter notes) but then is derailed by some bizarre sound effects & voice-overs. And then keeps going and going for 9 minutes and 42 seconds.

But if you make it a 6-track album, what an album!


Verbalize the Positive

A huge thank you to all the Health Care Workers of the world – I just learned about a new way to show our appreciation. See below & see you at 7:30 p.m. every night with your noise-makers!

#Cheer4HealthWorkers #TogetherWeCanDoIt

Untitled presentation (27)

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  1. Always found this cover disturbing. Though the music is stunning: wayward and sometimes confronting and sometimes uplifting. I’m sure someone will share the story of the famous guitar solo.

  2. Thanks for the support for us Healthcare Workers Geoff. Means tons.
    Thats a nice little run their fella. I’m no jogger but once the streets clear in a month or so out comes the mountain bike!

    • Thank you, Deke! I remember how much it meant when people showed support for teachers so we wanted to return the appreciation.
      It’s such a strange time in that we want to help more but the biggest help we can do is staying home. So if we can stay home & cheer, that we can do!

      • Its a way of living right now. When all is said and done its going to be one big reset of everything!

  3. This is a must have. I have looked for a good one of these for awhile because I really love the cover. Someday I will grab. I’m sure it isn’t hard to find, so I guess I haven’t been looking that hard, but a nice copy has been.

  4. I think the whole album is a masterpiece. They could’ve saved the world if they just loved each other, as professed in You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks. But they realized it too late on Back in Our Minds and the end was inevitable by then (Wars of Armageddon).

    Hit It and Quit It is one of all-time great grooves.

  5. I’ll have to listen to that one until you review it. I’ve currently heard and liked everything up to Standing on the Verge. Free Your Mind was recorded in one night one acid, pretty damn crazy record. Cosmic Slop is another great one, their most accessible I’d say.

  6. I adore Maggot Brain. I’d be daunted by the idea of running to it though. It’s so up and down and all over the place I’m not surprised you found the last kilometer hard. Don’t blame your body, blame the boogie. You could put a hip out to Hit It And Quit It.

    Great write up. One Nation Under A Groove is well worth your time too.

    • Cheers, Steve – and I appreciate that I can share the responsibility with the boogie, rather than just from my having had a relatively lazy winter!

  7. It sounds like the last bit is filler. There are are few Van Halen albums that suffer from the same. A brilliant EP stuck in an LP!

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