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fIREHOSE – Fromohio (1989)

August 27, 2019

[Album 663/1001]

“You’re a lucky, lucky, lucky little boy. Do you know why? You get to drink from the fIREHOSE!”
– UHF, Stanley Spadowski

UHF is one of those films that a handful of people saw…and they adored it!

Midway through the film, there’s a tremendous scene with a contest (Find the Marble in the Oatmeal) & a prize awarded to the winner (A drink from the fIREHOSE).

And as luck would have it, someone generously uploaded it to YouTube!



To hear this fIREHOSE album, I did not have to complete a task as arduous as finding a marble hidden in oatmeal (though I’d like to think I’d be above average at that particular challenge).

A part of me is concerned that when I stream an album (essentially getting the prize without investing any time/energy), I don’t appreciate the album as much as I would if I’d spent the time/energy/money physically acquiring the album.

But then another part of me realizes that if I did attempt to locate & purchase physical copies of each album on the 1001 list, I’d be attempting to spend a lot of time/energy/money that simply doesn’t exist.

So I suppose I’m a lucky, lucky, lucky little(?) boy that fIREHOSE’s Fromohio was available on apple 220px-FROMOHIOmusic.

It’s often Sloan-ish, which in my books, is about as complimentary an ‘-ish’ suffix as there is.

There are Chris Murphy-esque vocals at the end of If’n and I could have sworn Chris made a cameo on the first line or two of Understanding.

It also sounds an awful lot like Patrick Pentland guesting on guitar (and previewing Losing California) in The Softest Hammer.

It’s possible that like UHF, Fromohio didn’t reach a huge audience.

It’s more than probable that also like UHF, the audience that did hear it, found plenty to like about it.

And whether I’ve earned the prize or not, I’d be happy to drink from this fIREHOSE again.


Verbalize the Positive

UHF + Sloan = what’s not to like!

From → 1980s

  1. Not a fIREHOSE fan but a UHF fan for sure 🙂

  2. Not a fIREHOSE fan but a UHF fan for sure 🙂

    • An absolute classic!
      My dad showed me a clip on the weekend that I hadn’t seen in years – from ALTV of Al ‘interviewing’ Bruce Springsteen, just brilliant!

      • I don’t remember the Bruce episode, but Buried on Mars found an entire tape of his with a full day of Al TV on it.

      • That’s a tape worth watching front-to-back – all six hours of VHS!

  3. Cannot go wrong with a Sloan comparison there Geoff!
    The Good in Everyone!

    • My thanks Deke – I’m pleased you said that, rather than, OK Geoff, Here’s Everything You’ve Done Wrong!

  4. Zack permalink

    I’ve never listened to this even though I’m also fromohio.

    • I prefer your spelling of Zack to their zACK almost all-caps version!

      • Zack permalink

        I don’t know, I kinda like the way they do it. Maybe I’ll make a change.

  5. I love that scene from UHF. Hilarious. I am not familiar with fireHose music, but know of the band.

  6. Not familiar with the band other than seeing their name, but the Sloan-ish comparison has me intrigued. As for UHF, I was one of the rare souls who actually paid to see it when it was in theaters, on a rainy day during a summer week at the beach. It really lifted my spirits & distracted me from the gloomy weather. It still cracks me up. “Don’t you know the Dewey Decimal System?” 😀

    • I’m so pleased to hear you saw it in theatres Rich – I borrowed a friend’s VHS in the mid-90s and was blown away. Spatula City remains one of my all-time favourite commercials!

  7. I’ve never noticed this in the book – I like the Minutemen but I’ve never heard Watts’ later stuff.

    • It’s one of those albums that I’d seen on my spreadsheets for the last several years but hadn’t really jumped out until this week – and I’m pleased it did!

  8. You don’t know… the Dewey Decimal System!?!?

  9. I started listening to the Minutemen Double Nickels on the Dime on a whim and I loved it.

    Then on another whim I started listening to fIREHOSE. I loved that too. Ticks all the boxes for me. The songs stick in my head for days and they are complex enough to really dig your teeth into.

    I loved UHF as well. STOOPID. YOU SOOO STOOOOPID!! Sorry I’d love to post more but there a sale down at Spatula City.

    • We Sell Spatulas…and that’s all!
      Double Nickels on the Dime is on the list as well, I’m now keen to check that out too.
      As long as there aren’t any stinkin’ badgers!

  10. I think I prefer fIREHOSE to Minutemen (and Sloan – sorry!). Watt has a few good solo records too.

    • Thanks for the Sloan apology, J!
      Minutemen have an album on the list too, I’m keen to check it out sooner rather than later

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