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Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002)

January 5, 2018


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[Album 587/1001]

Have you gone ‘off’ Coldplay?

Admittedly, I haven’t bought any of the last three albums.

But I have a feeling I’ll be investing in the next one.

Because if my calculations are correct, the tracklist for A Rush of Blood to the Head is a microcosm of Coldplay’s entire discography.

The obligatory graphs to explain:




Note how Politik gets my attention immediately; my enthusiasm dwindles slightly (yet does not plummet) for In My Place, before rebounding with a pair of gems in God Put a Smile Upon Your Face and The Scientist.

However, my enthusiasm wanes on tracks 5,6, and 7, slipping below the “play” line, meaning they are tracks that I’m more likely to skip.

They bounce back nicely with Warning Sign, throw out a couple more skippable tracks, and finally finish really strong with the closer Amsterdam.

And it appears that this pattern is identical (so far) with their albums!




Note how Parachutes reeled me in right off the bat; my enthusiasm dwindled slightly (yet did not fall too far) with A Rush of Blood to the Head, before rebounding with a pair of gems in X & Y and Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends.

However, my enthusiasm for the band diminished on albums 5,6,7, slipping below the “buy” line, meaning I have yet to invest in any of these albums.Coldplay_-_A_Rush_of_Blood_to_the_Head (1)

But will I invest in Coldplay’s next album, whenever it arrives?

Well, if the above graphs are any indication, Coldplay album 8 should be a return to form, or at least a return to an album that I purchase.

I might end up passing on the future albums 9 & 10, for similarly graphical reasons.

And if the band stays together to release an eventual (and perhaps final?) 11th album, it looks like that one might end up being one of their best yet.


Verbalize the Positive

Coldplay’s July 2, 2005 show in Glasgow (later on the same day as their appearance at Live 8 in London) would easily be in my Top 5 shows ever, what a performance!

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  1. Gone off them. I did like this one and Parachutes though. The bits and pieces I heard from X&Y didn’t do much for me and by the time Viva came out I was already a self-identified not-a-Coldplay-fan, though admittedly it had some decent stuff on it and I liked that they tried something a tiny bit different.

    • … and I’m glad to see the graph spike upwards for Amsterdam. Really good closer that I’ve never really heard anyone else talk about before. Personally I felt the same about the title track though – it is one of the highlights for me.

      • For me, Parachutes had a similar peak at the end with Everything’s not lost – and then Swallowed in the sea towards the end of X & Y, to give them credit, they don’t completely front-load their albums!

    • Violet Hill (from Vida) might be my favourite coldplay track – and agreed, I think why it appealed so much was that it was a bit different

  2. Loving the graphs and the science behind the next Coldplay album. Very humorous approach

  3. They have 7 albums!!? Jings… I switched off after X&Y. I still really like the first two and I’m awfy fond of In My Place (time and place thing).

    Also, while I wouldn’t say I like them much, I think the criticism of them is often a bit over the top.

    • I had to look up the last couple – and I agree, the criticism is likely more than is needed.
      But I guess that’s often the case – when something’s “in” the praise is often a bit excessive, when something’s “out” the criticism can be equally excessive!

      • Yup. Reckon so. It’s the same as the criticism of Taylor Swift and Kanye West. I appreciate it’s not everyone’s cup of coffee and one of them might be viewed as a bit of a dick, but there’s no need to lay into them. Easy targets. I guess.

  4. jprobichaud permalink

    Yes. Off Coldplay for sure. Really liked the first two, perhaps three, and then, things faded pretty quickly.

    • It’s possible the music they’ve been making lately is good, I just don’t think I’ve been the right audience for it.
      I’m hoping to be part of the target market again though!

  5. Off! I made it to Viva and that was it for me. Love the graphs. Very scientific approach that makes total sense.

  6. You gotta love those end of the album Gems that are always tucked at the back end of an release…
    Great graphs!
    I have never followed these guys but many have so perhaps I’m missing out..

    • Cheers Deke!
      I think 54-40’s decision to put ‘lies to me’ as the closing track on trusted by millions was the first time I thought, wow, bold move, saving such a great tune for the finale – Coldplay was similarly bold here!

      • Thats right and It may be the only tune they do off that record live when I caught them 2 summers ago…last song was indeed strong…

  7. I’ll avoid going on a Coldplay rant and just say “nice review!”

    I only own one album which is the third.

  8. I’m not off Coldplay because I never got on. Just not my thing, but I enjoy your enthusiasm! And I always stay for the graphs…

  9. I’ve never been “on Coldplay” but I like the visual aids in this blog.

    • Thanks Kevin – and speaking of visuals, I particularly like the visual art that makes an appearance here every Sunday!

  10. I’m a huge Coldplay fan and I like all of their work, though even I gotta admit the old ones were really good.

    I love your graph approach on this thing! And sadly, I don’t think there’s gonna be a new Coldplay album since Chris said that ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ was their last album.

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