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Beck – Guero (2005)

January 3, 2018


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[Album 586/1001]

I have no interest in listening to Guero…by myself.

There are many artists where it can be a challenge to separate the artist from the art.

The singer from the songs.

Though in Beck’s case, neither of the above applies.

Instead, my issue involves separating the ‘what’ from the ‘who’ and ‘when’…


Untitled presentation (6)


With some of Beck’s albums (such as OdelaySea Change), the listening context isn’t as critical, but the above trio appear to be inextricably linked to my initial listening companions.Guero_cover

Now I recognize that recreating the high school/university listening experience for optimal Mutations/Midnite Vultures enjoyment may be…a challenge.

However, I do have the good fortune of being married to my ideal Guero listening companion.

Which means that as many great tunes as Guero has to offer (Scarecrow & Earthquake Weather are among his finest tracks to date), I’m not likely to gravitate to this record on my own.

But if my wonderful wife & I manage to reclaim the car stereo from the kids’ music on a long drive?

Those first few notes of E-Pro should be starting anytime soon.


Verbalize the Positive

Congrats to my ideal Mutations listening companion Mike on the arrival of his first child!


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  1. Guero seems like an odd inclusion. I’m a pre-Guero-Beck kinda guy.

    • If I remember correctly, you were a Sea Change fan in particular Andy?

      • Yes I think it’s a bit of a classic now – Mutations, Vultures, Odelay, Mellow Gold are all fantastic too though (and one day maybe I’ll check out those other early obscure albums he made). I just lost interest after that though. Listened to Guero a couple of times but couldn’t get into it. Years later I gave Modern Guilt a shot but it didn’t appeal much either. My theory is that there are 3 reasons … 1) I think the point where artists start to look back and kind of repeat themselves is always the beginning of the end for me. Often it’s seen as a return to form by others, but I’ve never got that myself. Beck had seemed to reinvent himself and come up with something fresh each album but Guero felt a bit like him trying to recapture Odelay. 2) I was already getting a bit old by 2005 and therefore finding it harder to get into new music, no matter who it was by. 3) The songs just aren’t that great.

      • Well said Andy – I remember having that feeling when I heard black tambourine for the first time. Usually I thought of Beck as sort of like Bowie, always sounds like himself, but always different, and that was the first time it felt like going back to a similar sound.
        I think there’s likely some truth in all 3 parts of that theory!

  2. Awesome read…
    All the best at getting that stereo back from the girls in your vehicle! Been there done it…for many years it was hip hop/dance/rap…
    Now we got a new vehicle last August and for my 50th The Boss purchased for me XM Satellite for the now its a steady diet of Boneyard/HairNation anything rock related…
    Kinda funny as when we have a full car now I look back and see our three daughters with there headphones on now! hahaha
    Life is Good!

    • Life is grand DeKE!
      Thanks for reading & commenting (as you always do, it’s much appreciated) – it’s neat having a fellow music blogger who has been lucky enough to live with 4 girls as well!

  3. Surprised that this one is on the list, as I had actually thought this was a very underrated Beck album. Aside from Girl, I like pretty much everything on here (and yeah, alongside Farewell Ride, Scarecrow and Earthquake Weather are among his finest).

    • I’m not sure if you ever do covers J – but I could picture Jim Dead & The Doubters doing a really nice version of Farewell Ride!

      • Y’know, that’s never crossed my mind, but that’d be perfect!

  4. Man, why is this on the 1001? they must have really been pushed to find another 2005 album!


    • Actually you’re not far off – only 3 albums from 2005 made the cut in my edition!
      If I remember correctly, you’re an up-to-Odelay enthusiast?

      • Yup, that’s me! Maybe 2005 just wasn’t a vintage year?

      • It may have been a statistically ‘off’ year – and admittedly, as my book ends in 2005 (and I’d likely be living in the past even without the 1001 list), I’m not sure which years have been statistically ‘on’ since!

  5. Tangled Up In Music permalink

    LOVE Odelay, Mutations and Vultures, don’t care much for Sea Change. I’ve not yet heard this one.

    • Many consider this a return to an Odelay-esque sound.
      Which is sort of strange for Beck, not having a new sound each time. But if you have to return to a sound, you could do a lot worse than Odelay!

  6. You’re right, some music just needs to be shared. It’s especially pleasing when your lovely wife likes what you’re listening to! I know I’ve been gearing up for Slayer in May and there’s no way my lovely wife will have anything to do with that…

    Anyway, Beck. I don’t have this one. I sort of stopped at Sea Change. For the longest time (without being hipper-than-thou) I really only listened to Stereopathetic Soulmanure and One Foot In The Grave. Mellowgold was first year university residence. Odelay was everywhere. I dunno. If you say it’s a good one, though, and it must be if it made your list, maybe I oughta give later Beck stuff a try!

    • I think when I get around to Reign in Blood – it likely won’t be the dinnertime-prep music!
      And I haven’t invested in any Beck since ‘the information’ (2007ish) but I gather his new one’s great!

      • I dunno, man, depends on what you’re cooking… haha!

        Note to self: discover later Beck, see what’s up.

      • I keep meaning to get his album ‘sheet music’ – where he just released the sheet music, rather than any recordings, unconventional marketing strategy, I like it!

      • Interesting… did he ever actually make the music for it too or just cut out a majority of his audience who maybe can’t make music themselves? Odd… fascinating… I like it…

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