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Leftfield – Leftism (1995)

November 7, 2017

[Album 578/1001]

“so nice I gotta play it twice”
-Leftfield, Release the Pressure

One of my favourite Tragically Hip songs is a track named, It’s a Good Life if You Don’t Weaken.

I particularly like the song’s structure: a verse/bridge/chorus over a subdued background, followed by a reprise of the exact same lyrics & melody, but with more urgency the second time around.

Essentially, so nice, they had to play it twice.

The opening track on this Leftfield album, Release the Pressure, features that same, unconventional song structure.

And I enjoy that the lyric “so nice I gotta play it twice” actually announces the eventual repeat of the lyrics.

So credit where it’s due – if Release the Pressure helped inspire It’s a Good Life if You Don’t Weaken in any slight way, my thanks!



“-Isms, in my opinion, are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself.”
– Ferris Bueller

Perhaps electronica’s always felt a bit like an ideology to me.

An -ism, if you will.

And like Ferris, generally speaking, I’m not too jazzed about -isms.

More specifically speaking, with Leftfield, I found it tough to get too invested in the almost 70 minutes of Leftism.

As with some other -isms, I see the elements of this particular system that would be appealing to listeners.

I’d like to think that I didn’t buy in (beyond my $3 CD investment) because of a Ferris Bueller-ian-approved belief in myself, rather than belief in any -ism.

But chances are, it’s just not the -ism for me.


Verbalize the Positive

I enjoy reading the ‘Thank Yous’ in the CD sleeve – among others, Leftfield thanked fellow 1001-listed artists, Sabres of Paradise and Underworld.

I’ll be interested to see if either of those groups will make an electronica convert out of me!

From → 1990s

  1. My reaction to this is similar to yours, but I’m unsure if it’s dated poorly or if I’m just not a fan of this type of Electronica.

  2. I worked in a bar in 95-96 and This Album was on all the time back then. Takes me right back.

  3. Hip, Ferris Bueller, and -isms? Sign me up! You should also find Seth’s graphic novel (of the same name as the Hip song). Holy crap, I wrote about it in 2015.

    As for this band you mention, this one really came out of Leftfield for me…

  4. A Top 7 LP for me. I used to blast this on repeat, over and over and over … I love ‘Inspection (Check One)’ so much.

    • I like that specific list # – is it #7 on the list? or #1 and the Top 7 quantity is just a red herring?!

  5. Jings. Here’s a blast from the past! I’d agree that it’s probably aged a wee bit… also a tad overlong… but there are some great tracks.

    • I’m guessing this was much bigger in the UK at the time – it wasn’t on my radar at all.
      I might have been more into it if I’d had some nostalgia associated with the album!

      • Quite possibly, yeah. Nostalgia goes a long way sometimes, doesn’t it?

  6. A lot of these electronic dance music albums from the 90s have aged really poorly IMO.

    • I have no memory of this from the mid90s – I remember the prodigy hitting it big a couple years later in Canada, but this didn’t sound familiar to me.
      In 95 I was much more interested in BritPop!

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