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November 15, 2021


[Albums 993 – 995 / 1001]

Of the ‘1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die,’ 22 are from the year 1995.

I’ve reviewed all but 3 of them (Radiohead – The Bends, Pulp – Different Class, Nightmares on Wax – Smoker’s Delight) so far.

Which 1995 albums are the most essential to hear again?

Ranked by their essential-ness, here’s how I’d prioritize revisiting these 22 albums, enjoy!



22. Goldie – Timeless.

21. Tricky – Maxinquaye.

20. Leftfield – Leftism.

19. Chemical Brothers – Exit Planet Dust.

I recognize that for variations on mid-90s electronic dance music, I’m not really the target audience, and that’s OK!

18. D’angelo – Brown Sugar. I’m curious as to if his fans are anything like the fans of Beverly D’angelo (as portrayed by Richard Kind on Kimmy Schmidt).

17. Femi Kuti – Femi Kuti. Solid musicianship throughout.

16. Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Almost like a duo, rather than a solo, album

15. Garbage – Garbage. I enjoy the self-deprecating story behind the band name.

14. Nightmares on Wax – Smokers Delight. As with Coldcut’s What’s that Noise, Nightmares (negative sleep experience) x Smokers (negative health experience) results in a positive listening outcome!

13. Elastica – Elastica. I appreciated their response to criticisms that their songs were too short, “rewind it” to hear it again!

12. The Verve – A Northern Soul. Their first of two.

11. 2Pac – Me Against the World. A compelling listen.

10. Guided By Voices – Alien Lanes. Robert Pollard might be the most prolific artist in recent memory.

9. Alanis Morrissette – Jagged Little Pill. Head Over Feet & the song pictured below in particular!


8. Foo Fighters – Foo Fighters. That triplet riff in For All The Cows especially.

7. Supergrass – I Should Coco. Their 1st of 2.

6. GZA – Liquid Swords. Arguably the strongest Wu-Tang solo album.

5. Rocket from the Crypt – Scream, Dracula, Scream! Particularly On a Rope.

4. Oasis – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?. Just played Don’t Look Back in Anger in class the other day – when we had to review the dreaded topic of factoring!

3. Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Muzzle, one of the finest tracks I’ve heard.

2. Pulp – Different Class. Would have easily been #1 in just about any other year.

1. Radiohead – The Bends. An absolute all-timer.




Verbalize the Positive

1995 – In 1995 you’ll twist to this!

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  1. I see your Guided by Voices prolificacy and raise you Buckethead.

  2. That Pumpkins record was massive and I even bought it lol. Like we discussed last week I tried to keep up with the current sounds of the day. Looking back though that Oasis album was quite good and what a great track to play for your students lol…

    • It’s funny what songs the students are aware of – they didn’t recognize the tune immediately, but as soon as I said “it’s the group that sings wonderwall,” many called out Oasis.
      Next time, I’ll have to use My Big Mouth to teach them D’ya know what I mean!

      • hahaha….what a one two punch of songs to lift off an album! Wow

  3. I still wasn’t back in to music fully yet, but Alanis, Foo and Oasis were in my collection at the time. This might be the start of me listening again.

  4. One two three goes Radiohead, Guided By Voices, GZA!

  5. jprobichaud permalink

    I can’t argue with the top four on your list for ‘95. Some good albums there.

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