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The Young Rascals – Groovin’ (1967)

September 5, 2017

[Album 566/1001]

This album reminds me of the 1995 film Now and Then.

I should note that I haven’t actually seen the film.

Nor did I own the soundtrack (featuring music from the 60s/70s, upon which The Young Rascals do not actually appear).

But from my exhaustive research of watching the film trailer & listening to Groovin’ a few times, there’s a real sense of ‘coming-of-age’ to both.



There’s a line in the trailer where Demi Moore narrates, “that was the summer when everything started to change.”

Upon further band wikipedia page skimming, as I understand it, this is the last time the band recorded an album as ‘The Young Rascals,’ dropping the age qualifier on subsequent albums.

It also appears to be the last recording where the focus was on the singles, with the band opting to focus their later efforts on the album format.Groovin

Now whether The (once Young) Rascals grew up & spent their lives trying to recapture that summer feeling (as Demi and friends appear to have done in the film), I’m not sure.

But that summer feel is alive and well on Groovin’; look no further than the playful cover, the pleasant melodies throughout, or the dropped ‘g’!

So to recap, the album reminds me of a soundtrack that I didn’t own, upon which this band did not appear, to a movie that I did not see.

Yet all the same, when I listen to this LP, it makes me feel a bit nostalgic for summers gone by.


Verbalize the Positive

Speaking of summers now in the past, happy back to school!

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  1. Sweet. We are done taking care of our brats until Christmas break. Have fun with them.


    • I saw a photo making the rounds in June saying, ‘parents – tag, you’re it.’ And it appears it’s our turn again!

      • I vote for sleepovers. Kind of like Summer Camp, but in the fall, winter, and spring.

  2. Groovin’ sure is a summer anthem (whatever that is). Can’t wait for enough warmth of the sun to justify spinning it!

    • Now that our summer is winding down, I may have to spin this again during the Southern Hemisphere summer, i will live vicariously through you and the young rascals Bruce!

  3. I’ve been meaning to check this one out for a while… sounds like the kinda tunes I need with the dark nights rolling in!

    • And we’re at a similar stage J of looking for albums that are nice to have on during play time with the kids – Groovin’ played quite nicely on the turntable in that context!

      • Good to know. There are currently 5 albums that meet JJ’s approval for play and boogie – established favourites being Eliminator, La Futura, Return To Sky, with Brilliant Light and Villains being recently approved.

        He’s a man that needs the cover art to make a lasting impression! Do you find that?

      • That’s a formidable 5-pack – Nice to read he doesn’t adhere to a strict ‘no Homme’ policy!

  4. I saw the movie . It was bad! Hope the record is somewhat better Geoff

    • The good news is, the record was quite pleasant, one of those ones that’s nice to put on, very not at all intrusive.
      Perhaps it’s best to keep my memories of the movie to the trailer and soundtrack then Geoff!

  5. Never heard of the movie. Is Iron Man in it?

  6. “So to recap, the album reminds me of a soundtrack that I didn’t own, upon which this band did not appear, to a movie that I did not see.”

    Hahahaha that was AWESOME!

  7. ‘Now and Then’ was one of my fave soundtracks as a youth, and a great flick, so if you ever want to listen or watch together, I’m your girl!

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