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The Allman Brothers Band – At Fillmore East (1971)

September 6, 2017











Verbalize the Positive

A large thank you to my friend James Tallon for loaning me this double LP ages ago and for his patience while I took far too long before finally reviewing it!

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  1. Kings of Long songs

    • Absolutely Deke – a funny contrast with a punk album I heard on the 1001 list last year, where the group did 14 songs in 15 minutes!

  2. Outstanding album receiving excellent stephen1001 appraisal. Almost a candidate for the ‘zero word’ challenge!

    • My thanks Bruce – it may be in the vicinity of the #200wordchallenge too, I may have to do a word count!

  3. I hadn’t heard this one until recently. Our mutual pal, HMO, gifted me a copy and it’s been hogging the platter… like you, I couldn’t complain one bit about the time they spend jamming. I mean, who needs to hear songs when the band is that good?

    • He is a fine mutual pal!
      This is my first Allman Brothers adventure – I imagine, if I need to hear an emphasis on lyrics, I can hear the studio recordings (unless they’re also 20 minute jamming tracks!)

      • My first, too. I have Brothers and Sisters on the list after a recommendation from another mutual pal (Bruce). I’ll get to it!

      • And that’s definitely another reliable source/mutual pal!

  4. Very efficient review of an album with zero wasted notes !

    • My thanks HMO – it’s funny that with some doubles, arguments are made that things ought to be trimmed. Though if so much as a second of the 23 minutes and 3 seconds of Whipping Post were edited, it just wouldn’t sound quite right here!

  5. Possibly your best work yet my friend. Like a good live album, you continue to surprise and inspire me.

  6. I love this album! This and Eat a Peach!

  7. You’ve brightened my mood. I once questioned….now I’m a believer! Roll on The Allmans, I’m ready for you

  8. Hahaha DATA NOT FOUND.

    That about sums it up, right there!

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