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50% of the 50 Book Pledge

October 2, 2016

Because only one ambitious challenge within a given timeframe is inusufficient!

Yesterday, I finished book #25 of my 50 Book Pledge, a nice read too, “The Productivity Project” by Chris Bailey.

I saw him speak at a Kingston WritersFest event on Friday and then flew through the book, jotting down plenty of practical ideas along the way.

And I’ll need to apply some of those ideas if I’m going to come anywhere near 50 books for the year!



While 25 books in 3 months is less than realistic (I’m aiming to at least beat last year’s 29/50), I’m also hoping to do 27 album reviews before December 1st.

As my site is named, 1001albumsin10years, seeing as I started my project on December 1, 2011, the first of December this year will mark the project midpoint.

Ideally, I’d like to be at the halfway mark in albums (501) by the time I hit the halfway mark  in allotted time (5 years).

Meaning it will have to be a productive October & November – so cheers Chris for the productivity boosting tips and cheers to all you readers/writers/commenters for the ongoing inspiration!

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  1. Bloody ‘ell! I’d actually forgotten there was a time-limit to all of this. You better get cracking!

  2. Why are you reading this comment young man?

    Get reading those books/listening to those albums.


  3. Is that a ‘White Album’ type of book – extreme right, second shelf from the bottom? I know I should read Franzen, but I don’t know where to start. I’m taking ‘lad lit’ books for my hospital stay – High Fidelity, Adrian Mole Book 2, Starter for Ten. The selection wasn’t deliberate, just wanted to take something that I know I’ve enjoyed. Have kept Persuasion and Breakfast At Tiffany’s as back up. Is that a Bantam edition of Pride and Prejudice on your shelf? Congratulations on reaching 50%!

    • It’s a making of the white album book yes – my favourite album and one of my favourite reads from this year!
      And that is the Bantam edition of P&P too, speaking of my favourite books from the year!
      A few of the ones you mentioned are on my to-read list, Persuasion right near the top

      • There is a white book of the white album? I’ll always read anything Beatles. I have the bantam edition of Emma. Persuasion is my fave after P and P. The tension in it is more grown up. Maybe not as quotable ( though it contains the line “you pierce my soul”) but oh the feels.

        Btw, I’m back from hospital. Hope to be back soon to blogging proper😁.

      • The feels sound good to me!
        And that’s terrific news you’re back from hospital – hope you keep feeling better Amrita!

  4. Mr Books 2! Thats awesome that you mix it up. I try to do that as well! The Springsteen Book that he just wrote I’m Going to get as he’s always intrigued me as far as he has kept a lid on his private life except for the mid 80s when he strayed from home and the press had a field day with him!..haha…
    I’m not a huge Bruce fan but I do like a lot of his stuff especially the Tunnel Of Love album…..

  5. Can you change it to 1001albumsin1001years? That too long?

  6. Hey congrats on reaching the mid-point! Er, in October… Hm. Time to start reading into the wee hours, dude! Haha.

    This is indeed an ambitious project. Maybe 2016 isn’t a good year for reading, as I’ve found my own reading habbits way less this year (I’m at 44, not counting new library books just done and most of the Hitchhiker’s Guide trilogy in 5 parts). So I’m likely over 50. But it’s still waaaaay less than most years! Let’s blame it on all the tunes that fill our time!

    Also, why is the Chuck Klosterman title upside down in that pic? Is it supposed to be like that?

    • Hey if too much music is our biggest problem, life is good! Strangely enough – it is supposed to be upside down, the idea being that our current thinking may be backwards!

      • Ah, OK thnks! I have a few Klosterman’s here, but not that one, so I didn’t know!

        Too much music? NEVER! Good luck hitting your reading goals!

      • LOVE Klosterman – I inevitably read a few of his essays between novels, I think I’ve re-read his Billy Joel essays at least 5 times!

      • I loved his assessment of Appetite For Destruction too. Excellent stuff. I have three or four of his books here, all great.

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