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Sepultura – Arise (1991)

October 4, 2016

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Made in South America Artist #1: Astrud Gilberto
Made in South America Artist #2: Bebel Gilberto
Made in South America Artist #3Elis Regina
Made in South America Artist #4: Sepultura


(Starting at 1:30)

Will: “I wanna be just like Steven Seagal”
Mr. Yoshi: “Oh. You want to be a bad actor?”
– Fresh Prince of Belair, S5E9


[Album 475/1001]

Does anyone else have Seagal on the brain when listening to Sepultura?

I can now sympathize with Kylie Minogue (or at least her fittingly-titled 2001 ear worm single), I just couldn’t get him out of my head.

1. The opener, Arise, didn’t contain an ounce of Oklahoma-esque, Oh What a Beautiful Morning cheerfulness. A Sepultura daybreak felt more like a Black Dawn.220px-Sepultura_-_Arise_1991.jpg

2. Dead Embroyonic Cells – The lyric “We’re born, with pain, no more, we’re dead,” to go along with an abrupt track ending? Marked for Death,from the start.

3. Desperate Cry – I approve of the Executive Decision to change gears at the 3-minute mark, the brief second-half guitarmonies are executed forcefully, with a Force of Execution.

4. Murder – That double kick-pedal, the killer riffs. Even if you’re Driven to Kill, it’s Hard to Kill when Out for a Kill at such speeds, without the aid of a Kill Switch. Killing Salazar.

5. Subtraction – “First generation born,” it appears the narrator here is The Foreigner? Or perhaps merely the first of his generation Born to Raise Hell?

6. Altered State – Another deadly opening riff, starting the track On Deadly Ground. From what I’ve read, it appears lead guitarist Andreas Kisser is A Dangerous Man with an electric guitar but A Good Man off-stage. I was unable to determine his status as a Shadow Man &/or The Glimmer Man, but man, he can play either way.

7. Under Siege – Hmm. Not sure if Seagal’s done a film that explores Dark Territory quite like this track.


8. Meaningless Movements – With all the quick starts & stops, Sepultura doesn’t miss a metronome Ticker beat. So I suppose a salute to the The Keeper of the beat is in order, the rhythm section (Igor Cavalera and Paulo Jr.) that successfully steers the band here through another Flight of Fury.

9. Infected Voice – Despite the track title, I don’t think anyone will accuse vocalist Max Cavalera of phoning anything in. He always vocalizes with Maximum Conviction, leaving listeners with Exit Wounds following this intense closer.


I imagine listener reactions to Sepultura might be also be correlated to viewer reactions to Steven Seagal.

For every amateur guitarist (or every Will Smith above) that strives to be more like one of her/his all-time heroes, there’s likely another (or another Pat Morita above) that sees Sepultura as long-haired aggression to be avoided.

But for Sepultura fans, Arise is Above the Law of diminishing returns & in terms of being surpassed by any new release, this one’s likely Out of Reach.


Dedicated to a pair of fellow bloggers, J (of In Seagal We Trust) and Jordan (of the Seagalmania series)

And even if you don’t have an In Sepultura We Trust twitter feed or host a Sepulturamania series, feel free to comment below with any relevant songs/films I’ve inexcusably overlooked!


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  1. This arcane correlation is a bit beyond me, I’m afraid, as I’ve neither listened to Sepultura nor watched a movie with Mr Segal. But I’m sure those in the know will delight in a clever double-list post – nicely played.

    • Never even saw Marked For Death? Or the big ‘blockbuster’ Under Siege!? … Bruce, I must insist that you indulge in some Seagalogy.

      • Guess I should ‘Like’ your FB page, eh J? 😉

      • I think so; it’s the only thing for it! We’ll have you up to speed in no time at all!

      • J – have you seen Community?

        There’s a brilliant episode (S5E2) where the character Abed fully immersed in the Nicolas Cage filmography and was driven to madness.

        I fear I may break down & start imitating Seagal if I immerse too deeply too quickly!

      • Ha! This is most excellent! Have never seen Community, but that truly is wonderful.

        There’s definitely a risk of such behaviour if you get in too deep! Especially if you’re catching up on 20 years of Direct to DVD shenanigans!

      • I think the real Seagal has publicly liked it too!

      • I don’t think I’ve seen any of the titles since around Executive Decision, I’ve got a couple dozen titles to catch up on!

      • There’s at least a half dozen worthwhile!

    • Much appreciated Bruce – and arcane, my vocabulary is enhanced every time you leave a comment!

  2. Jordan Richardson permalink

    A bloody great record. And I certainly can place the connection. Kinda scary, really.

    • When I saw the track ‘under siege’ – the Seagal parallels all started to jump out! Thanks for the ‘Seagalmania’ inspiration Jordan, before your series, I had no idea he’d been so busy in the 21st Century!

  3. Ha! Magic! You done your research there, Geoff – nearly all the titles!

    I’ve never listened to Sepultura, but you’ve made it a ‘thing’. I shall go look for Arise for some Wednesday listening!

    I’ll also share with fellow Seagalogists!

    • Haha, Cheers J, I hope the Seagalogists aren’t offended by the comparison!
      I suppose it’s possible to listen to Arise without thinking of Steven, but I found it only enhanced the experience 😀

      • They can’t be any more offended than they are by Seagal’s apparent support for Trump!

  4. Haha nice twist Geoff!

    I for one have never followed Sepultura so I will defer to those who do. Sounds like an executive decision is needed for start a Sepultura collection.

  5. Segal = Pants
    Sepultura = Not Pants

  6. SEPULTURA!!! \m/ 🙂 \m/

    Kudos on stretching that Segal connection through the whole post. I think he’d be amused… which is a good thing, because it means he won’t find you and break your arms…

  7. These dudes were way out of my league!

  8. Dreadful record Geoff…probably makes sense to some, but I couldn’t distinguish between individual songs, particularly track 1 & 2, which sound exactly the same.

    • Have you heard Roots yet? Also on the 1001. Safe to say, not my cuppa, but it was a welcome (and noticeable!) change of pace from the bossa nova I’ve been immersed in lately

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