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Good Idea Borrowing & Review Sharing

January 21, 2015

Mike & Aaron had fun posts today about cassette singles (conveniently condensed to cassingles) and they inspired me to dig through my collection.

I use the term dig loosely; cassettes are still lovingly played ’round here.

Though the singles much less so.  Here’s what I could find on my search.*

Nothing like a romantic evening by the fire with 15 cassingles.  Considering cassette singles are being employed to set the mood, perhaps this will be nothing like a romantic evening!



I’ve probably mentioned this in the comments section before but it’s worth repeating in post form:

If you’ve already written about any of the albums I review, I practically insist you post a link to your review in the comments section.  It’s neat to hear different takes on the same record and it’s fun (for me at least) to compare & contrast my thoughts with what other music fans have experienced.

With only 633 albums remaining, I thought I ought to formally extend the invite again before we run out of chances. 😀

So get those links to The Who’s My Generation ready, it’s up next!

* The cassingle collection includes:

Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do it For You, in the obligatory Robin Hood case
The Cure – A Letter to Elise, Never Enough, High
The Cranberries – Dreams
Unopened singles from Five Easy Pieces & INXS
Corey Hart – Baby When I Call Your Name
R.E.M. – Drive, Man on the Moon
U2 – The Fly, Disappear
Treble Charger – Maybe it’s Me sampler
Shakespear’s Sister – Stay, so pleased to find this
And the only overlap with Aaron &/or Mike?  Aaron and I are both proud owners of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation!

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  1. Jordan Richardson permalink

    I was a voracious collector of U2 singles. Is that cassette the one with “Alex Descends into Hell for a Bottle of Milk”/”Korova 1” and a “lounge fly” mix or something? I have that on CD with all the other Achtung Baby singles but I’ll be damned if I love the idea of cassingles.

    Also, that Shakespeare’s Sister song is amazing.

    • That’s the one! The Mysterious ways single has a mysterious ways ‘solar plexus magic hour remix’ as the b-side (and I enjoy that on a cassette, it’s actually labelled side B and not just track 2 on a cd)

  2. Thanks for the ping-back on “In a Silent Way”!

  3. You have a very nice faux fireplace!

    I’m glad you decided to jump in with this theme today! It sure was fun(ny) seeing all these old singles. But why did you not open INXS? May as well keep it sealed for good, now!

    • Haha, my thanks – and I appreciate you & Aaron letting me join the fun. The cassingle – what a delightfully obsolete medium!

      I was thinking that when I saw INXS unopened – I remember being blown away by hockey card collectors that had the discipline to leave packs of cards unopened (no such self-restraint here – I had to know!).

      I was tempted to unwrap the cassette last night but thought, perhaps it’s even more of a collector’s item as is!

      • Very cool man. Nah, keep it sealed! After this many years it would be a shame to open it! Like a vintage Star Wars figure. Couldn’t open it now!

      • Guess I won’t open my original Luke Skywalker blister pack, then. 😉

      • Then sealed it will remain, sorry INXS!

  4. Hey thanks for the link! I’ll add yours to the KMA too! And I’ll keep an eye out, if I’ve covered something I can link back here.

    Man, I swear I had that Bryan Adams cassette single ages ago. Long gone, that one. And that Treble Charger one is cool!

    So what are you gonna do when you hit the end of the 1001? Get a revised edition? 😉

    • Thank you for the link as well – I enjoy getting in on good ideas (like this, the cupface craze) and I’m glad you guys aren’t offended!

      Wonderful question about post-1001, my book ends in 2005. I’m guessing I’ll wrap up the project around 2020, so I suppose I’ll start with getting caught up on the 15 years in between!

      • Offended? Heck, I feel bad we didn’t invite in the first place! Yeah man, any time you wanna jump in on stuff, GIVE ‘ER!

        You could spend you whole life catching up on the albums… that sounds AWESOME!

      • stellar, Then give ‘er I shall!

  5. Awesome! Sorry, never had any of these cassingles! I had the Cure’s Wish album instead and Rhythm Nation the full album instead!

    • And I said instead twice…time for zzz lol

    • WIsh, yay! With the Cure, I love the singles as a lot of the b-sides ended up being excellent – I found the Rhythm nation full album tape too, I’m optimistic about it!

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