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S1E20. Aaron Stewart (Sloan – Twice Removed)

March 12, 2023

Welcome, Mr. Books / Aaron Stewart! Join Aaron & I as we discus band clones, fan letters, and the history & context that makes this record a must …

S1E20. Aaron Stewart (Sloan – Twice Removed)

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  1. Just listened and left a comment at your official Youtube page. A great 30 minutes spent with yourself and Mr. Books cooking up some Sloan talk!

  2. A natural next step podcast idea following the 1001 Albums excursion, and a superlative execution from an excellent interviewer. It was an honour to participate! Thanks for having me on, Geoff!

    • Much appreciated, Aaron – and as Gord Downie said on Live Between Us regarding the Rheostatics, we are all richer for having heard you today!

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