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S1E19. James McCurry (Scott Weiland – 12 Bar Blues)

March 5, 2023

All the way from Scotland, welcome James / J! Join J & I as we discus soundtracks as band introductions, captivating frontmen, and the relatability …

S1E19. James McCurry (Scott Weiland – 12 Bar Blues)

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  1. I cannot help but feel shame. Almost 10 years ago, James asked me to review an album. He sent me the files. He really wanted me to write it. Can you guess which album he wanted me to review?

    • No worries, Mike – I think he did a fine job of reviewing the album here. When time / life permits, it’s worth checking out those Weiland tunes!

  2. This one I’m looking forward to listening too. I will check this one out after I watch F1 this morning!

    • Cheers, Deke – enjoy the F1!

      • Great episode with Mr. J! I’m enjoying your series as the episodes are short n sweet. Thats the way 2 go esp. for short attention spans like mine. lol

      • Much appreciated, Deke – it’s been fun typing while communicating with J over the last decade or so, nice to finally chat!

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