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S1E13. Emily Cavers (Ben Folds Five – Whatever and Ever Amen)

January 22, 2023

Welcome today to the incomparable Emily Cavers! Join Emily & I as we discuss addition by subtraction, bank tellers, and giving high-fives to our …

S1E13. Emily Cavers (Ben Folds Five – Whatever and Ever Amen)

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  1. This is a special album to me, although if I had to choose just one it’s Rockin’ the Subburbs!

  2. Another great listen Geoff. Love the fact that these shows are under 30 minutes and go down nice with my first coffee of the day. Heard the name but have never listened to BFF but Emily is one true fan especially with this record.

    • Cheers, Deke! That’s my goal, to be in the 20-30 minute range. And I think our Hanoi Rocks episode ended up being 25 minutes, so a bullseye for Two Steps From the Move!

      • Bullseye indeed Geoff. You got a great thing going with your 1002 podcast. Keep em coming

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