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S1E5. Bryce Conway (Jethro Tull – A Passion Play) — the1002ndalbum podcast

November 27, 2022

Welcome to the man who never gives up on introducing others to Jethro Tull, Bryce Conway! Join Bryce & I as we talk about concept albums, concert flautists, artists as their own worst critics, and a contender for the ‘5 favourite minutes of music’ ever recorded.

S1E5. Bryce Conway (Jethro Tull – A Passion Play) — the1002ndalbum podcast

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  1. Not an easy album to get into. The Hare that Lost His Spectacles is the five favourite minutes of music I hope!

    • It was mine from that album at least – I’m relieved he had an extra pair of spec-a-ta-cles in the end!

  2. Will head over to YouTube shortly for a listen

  3. When asked about his favourite album, Geddy Lee responded, without missing a beat, “That’s easy: Jethro Tull, A Passion Play.

  4. I like this record more than most I think – it’s a little short of Thick as a Brick, IMO, but still worthy.

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