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the1002ndalbum podcast

October 30, 2022

With exemplary art by Holly Stephen & a superb special guest appearance by Devon Hale, I am pleased to share the first episode of my new / hopefully mildly diverting project: the 1002ndalbum podcast!

After finishing the 1001 albums book, I decided to start asking friends to select albums that they would recommend as the “1002nd album” that I oughta know.

And the plan is to share a new episode every Sunday morning.

The podcast episodes will also be available on:

Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts


Amazon Music



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  1. Congrats on the new venture Geoff. I will be checking this out every Sunday when a new episode drops!
    All the Best and most of all enjoy!

  2. Listening to it now on Youtube. I will subscribe as well. So excited about this!!

  3. This is a fantastic idea! I will definitely be listening!

  4. Also I subscribed on YT!

  5. Woah, this sounds sweet! I may not be able to watch every episode of the podcast, but I’ll definitely subscribe!

  6. I enjoyed listening, even though I know nothing about the artist.

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