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Artist of the Week V – Final Standings

December 19, 2021
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Exceptional Artist of the Week V Series logo by Sarca @ caughtmegaming

2021 Artists of the Week:

Bruno Mars, Stone Temple Pilots, Carole King, 2Pac, “Weird” Al Yankovic, Sonic Youth, Lady Gaga, Lionel Richie, Kings of Leon, Kenny Rogers, Nina Simone, Alice in Chains, Neil Diamond, Cher, Nine Inch Nails, Phil Collins, Curtis Mayfield, Kelly Clarkson, Foo Fighters, The Roots, Bing Crosby, Hall & Oates, Drake, No Doubt, Buffalo Springfield, Keith Urban, The Velvet Underground, Destiny’s Child, Ozzy Osbourne, Crowded House, Brian Wilson, Fugees, Captain Beefheart, MC Hammer, Hole, The Mamas and the Papas, Pantera, Tori Amos, Sam Cooke, Moby, Yes, Missy Elliott, Pet Shop Boys, The Black Crowes, Ice-T, Adele, AC/DC, Emmylou Harris, The Band, The Beatles


My thanks to all who have participated in the “Artist of the Week” quizzes this year.

Congrats to all those who correctly identified The Beatles last week.

The final standings after 50 weeks:



And much like the unnecessary statistical analysis from year one, two, three, and four, here are the gratuitous charts & graphs for year five!







Verbalize the Positive

Stay safe & enjoy the holidays!

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  1. Wow, I love how for your ‘How did we first meet?’ pie chart, 29 people was through blogs! I can’t believe I’ve been doing your quizzes for almost a year now; it’s been a heck of a ride!

  2. Congrats to Mr. Books as well to the others that rounded out the Top 10! I finished at 20 so I’m good with it the only drag is I finished behind the Mars Man!! lol
    Thanks for doing this Geoff every Sunday which gets the old Mellon thinking early.
    Cheers pal!

    • Top 20 is outstanding, Deke – the years of reading music magazines (and remembering the articles from the 80s/90s issues) paid off!
      And my pleasure, it’s been a fun Sunday tradition for me!

      • Thanks pal. Those Creem magazines really came in handy for your quizzes as they went outside the hard rock scope. I would read all of the articles in Creem as I had to justify the cover price for paying for a magazine that had VH on the cover and the rest of it bands I had never heard in it.
        But its kind of paid off 40 years later lol

      • Speaking of investments, sometimes it takes a while for them to pay off, I’m pleased these magazine ones eventually earned a nice return!

      • HAHA…indeed!

    • You still know way more than do about music, Deke!

      • Don’t sell yourself short Bro! You know lots as well. You crazy Fandango you!

  3. Congrats on another successful year of quizzes. I’m pleased I made it to 16 on the list. Might be better than last year. Progress is always good.

    • I believe making it to the ‘sweet 16’ in NCAA Basketball is a significant accomplishment – I’d say it is here too!
      My thanks, John!

  4. Paul permalink

    Thanks for doing these – the highlight of my Sunday mornings! Really enjoyed them. Looking forward to a new series in the new year?

  5. It’s a fix!! You’ve somehow prevented me winning because I’m Welsh! Consider me super-disgruntled.

    But thank you for putting up with my usual Tuesday entries.

    • Anytime, Joe – and being Welsh is an asset ’round here, just had Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier on in the car the other day!

  6. Very happy to have claimed spot N°21 this year. Many thanks for hosting this awesome quiz, and all the effort and fun you put into it… it’s always a highlight of my each Sunday to take part. Here’s to 2022!

  7. Another successful year, Geoff!

    • Cheers, Kevin – the highlight of the quizzes for me (as it has been for the last 5 years) was always the opening artwork!

  8. A winner is me! I’d like to thank the Academy… lol Geoff this series is fantastic, all credit goes to you for offering up weekly challenges that contain your humour and creativity and work. So awesome. And love the charts. We will meet in person someday!

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