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November 13, 2021


[Albums 990 – 992 / 1001]

Of the ‘1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die,’ 30 are from the year 1994.

I’ve reviewed all but 3 of them (Morrissey – Vauxhall and I, Notorious B.I.G. – Ready to Die, Girls Against Boys – Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby) so far

Which 1994 albums are the most essential to hear again?

Ranked by their essential-ness, here’s how I’d prioritize revisiting these 30 albums, enjoy!



30. Sabres of Paradise – Haunted Dancehall. The title reminded me of Modest Mouse – and there are worse things of which to be reminded!

29. Orbital – Snivilisation. Their 2nd of 2.

28. Girls Against Boys – Venus Luxure No.1 Baby. More likely to revisit the Blur track, Girls and Boys.

27. The Prodigy – Music for the Jilted Generation. Neat to see the album art discussed in the John Niven novel, Kill Your Friends.

26. Ali Farka Touré with Ry Cooder – Talking Timbuktu. Always makes me think of the Hip line, get Ry Cooder to sing my eulogy.

25. Massive Attack – Protection. Notably the Tracey Thorn vocal tracks.

24. TLC – Crazysexycool. I appreciated Michael Keaton’s ongoing TLC references in The Other Guys.

23. Jeru the Damaja – The Sun Rises in the East. The title helps me remember the direction of sun rising/setting.

22. Method Man – Tical. One of the many Wu-Tang solo albums on the list, no shortage of solid similes.



21. Portishead – Dummy. Big fan of Beth Gibbons’ voice.

20. G. Love and Special Sauce – G. Love and Special Sauce. Especially Shootin’ Hoops, terrific mid-90s Basketball references!

19. Drive like Jehu – Yank Crime. If this is comparable to how ‘Jehu’ drives, they must drive well.

18. Notorious B.I.G. – Ready to Die.

You can see why students still wear hoodies with his photo in 2021, a compelling MC.

And I have him to thank for a song of the day in Grade 10 Mathematiques.

For the second day of revenue maximization/financial word problems (les problemes des mots), I will forever be grateful for his song, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.

As my lesson will drift slightly into Franglais to be titled, Mo’ Money Mot problemes!

17. Elvis Costello and The Attractions – Brutal Youth. His 6th of 6 on the list & I was pleased to acquire the cassette for a loonie!

16. Suede – Dog Man Star. Their 2nd of 2.

15. Hole – Live Through This. Their 1st of 2 and Miss World would be in the Top 5 tracks from the year.

14. Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral. Perhaps not the most cheerful album on the list!



13. Frank Black – Teenager of the Year. Efficient tunes.

12. Manic Street Preachers – The Holy Bible. Their first of two.

11. Soundgarden – Superunknown. Love the 7/4 time signature in Spoonman

10. Nas – Illmatic.

9. Beastie Boys – Ill Communication.

If ‘ill’ is like ‘sick’ and still loosely translates to ‘good’ – these are aptly named!

8. The Offspring – Smash.

7. Green Day – Dookie.

6. Nirvana – MTV Unplugged in New York.

In middle-school in 1994, these were the groups that were the socially acceptable answer to the question, “what bands do you like?”

Fortunately, I still like them!



5. Jeff Buckley – Grace. The opening two tracks in particular.

4. Morrissey – Vauxhall & I. Great guitar work by Alain Whyte / Boz Boorer.

3. Blur – Parklife. Their 2nd of 3, Clover Over Dover, one of my all-time favourites.

2. Pavement – Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. I go back to these Gold Soundz whenever time permits.

1. Oasis – Definitely Maybe. Slide Away, magnificent.


Verbalize the Positive

1994 – Golden era for music. Day For Night, Twice Removed, Weezer (Blue Album), Vitalogy, Throwing Copper, so many gems!

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  1. Another eclectic set of albums and I was still away from music but I do have the Oasis album. That is the only one on this group.

  2. 94 was a big year in the world of Mr. Geoff!

  3. Huge year, ton of great stuff. Of course, I’d take Oasis, Blur, Morrisey and even Buckley from the top 5 and replace them with Soundgarden, Beasties, Portishead and, maybe Green Day just because that one was so huge? Or maybe NIN. Or maybe Massive Attack. Yeah.

  4. jprobichaud permalink

    Perhaps my favourite Blur and Oasis albums in this year.

    • On any given day, they might be mine as well – though the self-titled Blur & What’s The Story might claim the titles from time to time!

      • jprobichaud permalink

        Yeah. What’s the story’s pretty good too. Ha.

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