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November 12, 2021


Of the ‘1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die,’ 22 are from the year 1993.

And I’ve already reviewed them all, yay!

Which 1993 albums are the most essential to hear again?

Ranked by their essential-ness, here’s how I’d prioritize revisiting these 22 albums, enjoy!



22. The Fall – The Infotainment Scan. Their 3rd of 3.

21. Orbital – Orbital. Their 1st of 2.

20. William Orbit – Strange Cargo III. I fell asleep while listening & in my books, that’s a good thing!

19. Boo Radleys – Giant Steps. More likely to hear them on the 1993 So I Married An Axe Murderer soundtrack.

18. Sebadoh – Bubble & Scrape. For some reason I can’t read the group name without thinking of Joey JoJo Jr. Shabado!

17. Auteurs – New Wave. New to me and right up my street..

16. Afghan Whigs – Gentlemen. See #17 comment!

15. Paul Weller – Wild Wood. I had forgotten about the favourable Jason Spezza comparison in my review!

14. Grant Lee Buffalo – Fuzzy. I inevitably think of the “Great White Buffalo” quote from Hot Tub Time Machine.

13. Pet Shop Boys – Very. Easily the best CD packaging of 1993!



12. Sheryl Crow – Tuesday Night Music Club. Strong Enough especially.

11. Jamiroquai – Emergency on Planet Earth. Not on this album, but it’s mathematically impossible to be in a foul mood when listening to Canned Heat!

10. Suede – Suede. Their first of two.

9. Bjork – Debut. And a fine debut it is.

8. Snoop Doggy Dogg – Doggystyle. Snoop-a-loop!

7. PJ Harvey – Rid of Me. Her 2nd of 3.

6. Liz Phair – Exile in Guyville. Notably, F & Run.

5. Blur – Modern Life is Rubbish. Their 1st of 3 (and a stellar opening trio to start this album).

4. Wu-Tang Clan – Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). I believe the Avengers film franchise borrowed their 5-year vision template from the Wu-Tang Clan!




3. Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream. Their 1st of 2 on the list – love the Mayonnaise guitar intro.

2. Aimee Mann – Whatever. 50 Years After The Fair, a practically perfect song.

1. Nirvana – In Utero. All Apologies to all that disagree!


Verbalize the Positive

1993 – Blue Jays, back 2 back World Series champions!

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  1. You are now in the years I was pretty much ignoring music. My first job out of college had me very busy traveling around and I was thrilled with the music scene at the time so didn’t listen much. I don’t have anything from this list.

    • When I’m finished this project (the book goes up to 2005), I’ll be interested in seeing what’s ‘must-hear’ between then and now.
      As there are definitely some windows in that era that I really wasn’t paying much attention to current music!

  2. This was right around when I was awakening to the world of music outside of jazz, swing, and the 80s pop I grew up on. Grunge and all the rest. I am surprised Siamese was #3, not because it isn’t a great album, but because it was so over-produced it was almost brittle-sounding. Someday they need to release a rough mix of it. It’d be perfection!

  3. 92-93 Jays…Winfield in 92 and Moliter in 93 what great way to work the free agent pool those two years by the Jays…
    I would have loved to been a fly on the wall when the Jays called up Ricky

    • It’s true – not many teams would be able to get over the loss of Dave Winfield + David Cone + Tom Henke + Jimmy Key in one off-season.
      But I guess if the replacements are Paul Molitor + Dave Stewart + Ricky Henderson + Tony Fernandez, I guess they broke even!

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