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Clube de Esquina – Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges (1972) & American Music Club – California (1988)

May 29, 2021

[Albums 900 & 901 / 1001]

Were you ever a member of Columbia House &/or BMG Music Club?

In the 1990s, these clubs provided the foundation for many a Cassette / Compact Disc collection.


By offering irresistible promotions like “12 CDs for 1 Cent!*”

Completing ignoring the asterisk in the promo, we all signed the deal.

And then came the unpleasant asterisk *fine print* – I believe it was something like buying 5 more regularly-priced CDs plus shipping.

Regular prices which were considerably more than 1 Cent!



Fortunately, with Clube de Esquina & American Music Club, no such unpleasant fine print exists.

Not being terribly well versed in Portuguese, I’m wasn’t entirely sure what I was signing up for with Clube De Esquina.

But with tracks as rock solid as Trem de Doido, I can’t say that I’m experiencing any sort of listener’s remorse. And I’ve since learned that Trem de Doido translates to Crazy Train; with this Trem‘s tremendous descending bass pattern / meandering vocals / fuzz solos, I’d argue it’s on par with Ozzy’s Crazy counterpart.

Never having visited beyond a flight stopover, I’ve often wondered why California is so frequently celebrated through song.

But I suppose if the state is even half as wonderful as the pedal steel on American Music Club’s Firefly, I can see what all the fuss is about!

This California was one those albums where right away, I felt right at home. Whether it was Somewhere’s Born to Run vibes or the subdued (and likely Top 5 / possibly Top 3 song about a girl named) Jenny, everything was in its right place.

For these reasons and more, I quite enjoyed my stay with these clubs & I expect I’ll return.

Contract or no!


Verbalize the Positive

As of yesterday, I’m quite grateful to be a new member of another club.

Cheers to KFL&A Public Health and everyone working at the Invista Centre clinic!

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  1. Good job on getting your shot Sir. How ya feeling?
    I sure do remember Columbia House as I would get the 12 cd’s. Than buy the 5 discs all in one shot than cancel than rejoin a month later. lol
    It helped of course that I was working full time and still living at home back in 1989-90 lol so I was able to pul that move off..
    Like you I need to get to to Cali at some point.

  2. Just under 2 weeks ago I became a member of the 1st vaccine club. Yay.
    However, today I became a member of the 14 day quarantine at home club. Boo.

  3. jprobichaud permalink

    My 1st vaccine appointment is in just over two weeks. Looking forward to being part of that club. I did enjoy the Columbia House and BMG game. I went back and forth between the two. Get my 12 CDs, fulfill the requirement, cancel, and join the other one. I keep looking for something similar for the vinyl world these days but sadly, there’s nothing comparable.

    • Can you imagine if they had that sort of a deal for vinyl?! My goodness, I think most of the blogging community (myself included) would sign up without hesitation.
      Glad to hear you’ll be a member of the club soon too!

  4. You’re in plentiful company with that particular scam, Geoff!

  5. I heard a story about someone who did the mail for their apartment signing up for 12 cheap CDs for every flat in their building! Then freaking out they would be caught.

  6. It was the Britannia club I joined for my free CDs. I think one of the parental units ended up picking up the subscription when I became uninterested.

    Anyhoo, California is an excellent album, huh? Thought, I might argue that it’s not their best.

    • That’s among my favourite problems with the 1001 list – when they select a deserving artist, but possibly not their finest album, meaning there are more gems in their catalogue still to be found!

  7. First, congrats on the shots. Second, yes I was a member of the Columbia House club and more than once. You have to play it smart, but in the end the CD’s still averaged out to like $5-$6 a CD when all was said and done if you stuck to the bare minimum. Their CDs were so expensive at regular price. Still not a bad deal.

    • Approaching it as a $5 average price is certainly more palatable than the $20-25 ‘regular price’ for the contract fulfillment CDs!

  8. Columbia House built my first collection (cassettes). Then BMG (same deal).

    My lovely wife gets her dose #2 today, and I get my dose #1 tomorrow. Hope you’re feeling OK!

    • Reading this on Tuesday – which means tomorrow has become today!
      All is well post-vaccine here, hope round 1 went well for you Aaron & hope the sequel went well for your spouse!

      • Went pretty well, thanks! My lovely wife reported being more tired than usual and a sore arm. I was fine when I got home this morning but mid-afternoon my arm felt like someone had punched me really hard and it hasn’t gone away. I also realized I’d lost all energy and was just sitting doing nothing. Hopefully back to my exuberant self tomorrow.

      • I hope the exuberance has returned!

      • It pretty much has, yeah, thanks. Just waiting on a physi assessment on my knees on the 9th to see how much I can do to get the ball rolling beter around here.

  9. I still have all of my Ozzy CDs I got from Columbia house!

    Struggling to get an appointment for a 2nd shot. We’re eligible this coming Monday but they’re all booked up for the foreseeable future. We’ll keep trying!

    • Columbia House (and/or BMG), a key part of the foundation of many a CD collection!
      I’d be interested to see what % of my collection still comes from that source, they were definitely responsible for many of the mid-90s investments!

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