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A Tribe Called Quest – People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (1990)

March 10, 2021

[Album 876/1001]

“You have to stop the Q-tip when there’s resistance”
– Friends S2, E1

If you look on the packaging for the product, Q-tips, they show images for a variety of uses.

Blending & applying eye shadow, applying & softening lipstick, removing mascara smudges, and touching up / removing nail polish.

Nowhere on the package does it suggest that the product should be placed in one’s ears.

Doing so could actually cause a lot of damage, as Chandler once observed.



“If you wanna hear what I’m sayin
Clean your ears and just come on and groove”
– A Tribe Called Quest (Q-Tip), Go Ahead in the Rain

Now Q-Tip, from A Tribe Called Quest, that’s a different story altogether.

Listening to his insightful lyrics (such as “Youth is fading as we gain our days”) and nodding/grooving along with the irresistible beats (like on the rhetorical Can I Kick It?)?

Surely, listening to his performance + production work on People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm would be considered part of a healthy daily routine.

I think most Otolaryngologists would agree!


Verbalize the Positive

Their tune, Ham ‘N’ Eggs, is as catchy as they come!

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  1. And a fabulous album cover too!

  2. I’ve been using my Q-tips so wrong.

    • I find it fascinating that nowhere on the package do they suggest going anywhere near the ears – and yet I imagine that’s the primary use for just about everyone that buys them!

      • Yes, I would agree. I don’t know if I’ve used them for anything else. I know my girls use them for make-up stuff every so often.

  3. Of course ATCQ is on the list! They’re soooo good. I love this group. I own all the albums. Let’s goooo!!

  4. Tbone and myself formed a side music project back in the day called ‘Dr Zeus’s Green Eggs and Ham Experience” lol
    If we did this in todays world we would be banned meaning we would have been huge.

    • There’s a great line in a Chris Murphy sloan tune, “after all that the thing was banned, to try and drum up popular demand!”

      I would have enjoyed that side project – I enjoy that T-Bone is on his way to a full LeBrain Train Soundtrack album too. Enjoy the weekend, Deke!

      • Thanks Geoff. Today they are saying a high of plus 10!!!!
        Yesterday it was -15 lol

      • Nothing like a 25 degree temperature change from day to day!

  5. That clip has me wondering why anyone was Chandler’s friend.

    • Excellent point – I was chatting about this the other day with a colleague (who was talking about how Friends hasn’t aged all that well).
      When someone said something horrible on a show like Arrested Development, the character was a terrible person so having them say something mean was just showing how terrible they were.
      But on Friends, in theory the characters were supposed to be like-able/relate-able people, so when they said mean things, it now just seems mean!

      • Yeah, it is more in Chandler’s delivery. It comes off as mean. Take it down a notch, lol

        I haven’t watched Friends all that much though.

      • And I imagine his delivery if the quotes were written as text-messages would likely sound even meaner!

      • I think you just summed up twitter.

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