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Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous (1978)

March 2, 2021

[Album 871/1001]

1978 = Best Year Ever for Live Albums?

See exhibits A (AC Lightning Bolt DC), B (Cheap Trick at Budokan), and C (Thin Lizzy) for supporting evidence.

After finally hearing Live and Dangerous, the question wasn’t whether the album was good or not.

Instead, I became genuinely intrigued about the space-time continuum.


A few years back, a group of intrepid bloggers participated in a ‘top15onthe15th’ challenge, assembling ‘Top 15 Albums’ lists.

#15 on my list?

The Darkness, Permission to Land.

And if I were to remake the list today, I stand by that assessment!

The reasons are threefold: the relentless riffs, the hummable hooks, and the never-less-than-fully engaging energy.


Over the years, there’s perhaps a slightly-more-than-microscopic chance that other listeners have previously connected the dots between Thin Lizzy & The Darkness.

I’ve since learned that The Darkness wears the Thin Lizzy influence on their sleeve; literally, as it appears guitarist Dan Hawkins is rarely seen without a Thin Lizzy t-shirt!

Inexplicably (or maybe entirely explain-ably?), instead of being able to fully immerse in this high-energy double-live album, I found myself fretting about timelines.

Would Permission to Land exist, if not for 1978 live albums?

Without AC/DC, would they have rooted their tunes in such killer riffs?

Without Cheap Trick, would they have had the same catchiness?

Without Thin Lizzy, would they have been able to put all the power & energy together to create such a memorable set?

Fortunately, we ended up on a timeline where The Darkness would have been able to hear these albums.

So thank you, Thin Lizzy (and ACDC + Cheap Trick), for having existed!


Verbalize the Positive

One of my favourite love songs?

The Reasons, by The Weakerthans.

With the wonderful chorus line, “I know you might roll your eyes at this, but I’m so glad that you exist”



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  1. Holen permalink

    Total classic. Underrated!

  2. Bringing back the Rock big time Mr. Stephen. 78 did produce a fine 3 pack of live albums that year. I would have to sneak my all time live fav that being ‘Live Bootleg’ by Aerosmith into the conversation as well..
    The Darkness on PTL wear there influences well on that album and if your going to borrow a riff or two borrow from the best!

    • Just checked the setlist for Live Bootleg – that would definitely help 1978’s case for best live year!
      And 100% – if you’re going to borrow, might as well pick from the best source material possible!

  3. Such killer album. One of the bet of all time. I can’t blame The Darkness for being influenced by them or any band for that matter. And I also think the Darkness are great…and AC/DC and Cheap Trick!!

  4. The last concert I saw before the lockdown was The Darkness. Title of the album and tour: Easter is Cancelled. 🙂

  5. A great LP, although its very live-ness is an area of contention.

  6. Thin Lizzy and Weakerthans in one post. Hot damn!

  7. A band and album that I’ve yet to get to!

  8. I haven’t listened to this one yet. Sounds like I’m missing out!

  9. I can’t believe this is in the book! And nobody has mentioned this was partly recorded in Toronto?

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