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The Teardrop Explodes – Kilimanjaro (1980)

February 27, 2021

[Album 870/1001]

Talk about a misleading title.

I hear ‘Kilimanjaro’ and visualize something insurmountable, something miles away from feeling comfortable.

Or like the volcano itself, dormant.

Instead, The Teardrop Explodes deliver a lively & effortless journey to instant enjoyment.

I rarely say no to a macabre title + nice melody juxtaposition; in this case, Haha I’m Drowning, or the equally upbeat tunes + somewhat-less-than-cheerful titles, Treason and Sleeping Gas.

When the bulk of the album feels like an uptempo Peter Gabriel / Hot Hot Heat jam session, what’s not to (immediately) like?

Between this and having only recently explored his solo album, Peggy Suicide, my only somewhat trivial complaint is that I didn’t get to Julian Cope’s work sooner!


Verbalize the Positive

It appears that ‘post-punk’ might be among my favourite genres!

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    I’ve never ever checked these guys out but have always been curious because of the cool moniker.

    • It is a good one – there’s probably a fine line between cool & pretentious names (I could see how some might find Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark a bit over the top) but I think this one stays on the right side!

  2. Despite having summited Kilimanjaro, I’ve never really got into Cope’s stuff. Definitely some good songs in there but not enough for my liking – or maybe I’ve just heard the wrong stuff.

    • And I’ve only heard this and Peggy Suicide so far – so he’s off to a good start for me at least!

  3. Always liked this acts name…

  4. Love Cope and the Teardrops. Everything he has done has some value although he has never made a truly great album solo. Lots of nearly great but nothing hitting it out of the park. He is such a huge music fan it’s a joy to read his writing. Also one of the best rock autobiographies written up there with Ian McNabbs

    • I’m now intrigued by his writing – that sounds promising!
      And that’s an interesting high floor/low ceiling description of his solo career. I’ve only heard Peggy Suicide so far but I could see how that would be the case. I had that same takeaway with the 6 Elvis Costello albums on the 1001 list – all had value, but likely all in the B+ / A- range, never quite off the charts.

      • Peggy Suicide is a highly point in love Autogeddon and Jehovakill and some of his odder more recent excursions are a blast.

  5. Never heard of them before so will check them out.

  6. A band (and album) I’ve been meaning to check out for quite a while.

  7. I love Cope almost unreservedly but I love the taut psychedelic pop of this one. Reward is a great sarcastic track.

  8. I had both of these on LP and should listen again as I rememeber them as really good. Love the bombast of Reward, and it was played everywhere back in the day.

    • Interesting – the version I listened to didn’t have Reward, I just read it was added to the tracklist when it became a hit.
      I think that happened with The Smiths / Meat is Murder / How Soon is Now as well!

  9. Adding to the listening pile.

    • I feel like I will have no trouble finding music to listen to after the 1001 list – the listening pile may end up being even longer than this original list!

      • That is not surprising! I have been getting into the habit of piling the songs recommended on these blogs into the YouTube watch later list. Then I hit play whenever I’m at the computer.

  10. Cope is a one-of-a-kind, for sure. Jehovahkill is an amazing album.

    • I think the scientific method suggests to test an experiment 3 times to confirm the results – so Jehovakill as my 3rd Cope exploration should confirm my findings from the previous 2 albums!

  11. Heard of it but never heard. I know 1537 wanted a Cope record on the Grail list ages ago. Your description here (Gabriel and HHH) makes me want to hear it.

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