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The Incredible String Band – The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter (1968) & The Incredible Bongo Band – Bongo Rock (1973)

February 13, 2021

[Album 857 & 858 / 1001]

Have you seen the movie, The Incredibles?

Or after a multi-year delay, The Incredibles 2?

In the first Incredibles film, the focus is on the father (Mr. Incredible).

In the second, the spotlight shifts to the mother (Elastigirl).

And though the films are quite different, they are similarly excellent!


In 1968, The Incredible String Band released The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter.

A psychedelic folk album, it featured song titles like The Minotaur’s Song and instruments such as the sitar, gimbri, and harpsicord.

A few years later, in 1973, The Incredible Bongo Band released Bongo Rock.

A funk record (though as Funkadelic correctly observed, Who Says a Funk Band Can’t Play Rock?!) featuring Bongos in the forefront, in addition to the famous Apache percussion break that has been sampled countless times since.

And though these two ‘Incredible’s are quite different, they are similarly deserving of their places on the 1001 list!


Verbalize the Positive

There’s a great scene in The Incredibles 2, where the father exclaims in frustration, Math is Math!

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  1. Haha! Brilliant analogy. Love that Bingo album too

  2. They both feel a little bit like outsider music too, I think.

  3. Any time you can link something to the Incredibles, that is good enough for me. It is actually incredible that you were able to do that. Good job!!

    • Much appreciated, John – and I was so pleased with the sequel, despite being a decade or more after the original, it was on par if not better!

  4. Geoff you’re simply Incredible!

  5. The ISB weren’t that popular, but very influential. Would there have been acoustic stuff from Led Zeppelin without them? 20 years ago some incarnation of the ISB played at the Cropredy Festival organized by and starring Fairport Convention. Bassist Dave Pegg was watching them from the audience, down at the front, with Robert Plant (who is often there, even when he doesn’t play, and has been seen watching from the field). A bloke comes up to him and says: Excuse me mate, can you take a picture of me with Peggy? Plant did so. That really sums up the spirit of the festival.

    • I’m fascinated by those space-time continuum moments, if not for ______, would there be _____?
      And that sounds like a festival well worth attending!

  6. My favourite line from the Incredibles was the dad getting upset about the graduation from one grade to the next, saying something like “we keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity!” Haha anyway it’s apparent that your post and these two albums are in no way mediocre, so, way to go, Incredible String Band! Way to go, Geoff!

    • Cheers, Aaron – I forgot about that line, one of the many classics, along with the SuperSuit sequence!

      • Ha yeah we watched that with the kids, and it was just as fun for us as it was for them.

  7. Entering the paisley and smokey world of the Incredible String Band might be quite a big ask these days. Their whimsical songs and fey air seem to belong to a time long, long gone. But in the right mood, their invention and intention are charming. VC recommends perseverance. 🙂

    • There’s something to be said for a bit of time travel though – I think I might have benefited from some fortuitous timing, as the whimsical air was somewhat refreshing!

  8. I was raised on ISB. That back cover is what my parents and all their friends looked like at the time.

    • THey had both good taste in music & good style!

      • I just wanted them to look like ‘normal parents’ when I was a kid, it is funny looking back on that.

  9. I’ve only seen the first Incredibles. Probably need to re-watch it as all I can remember is liking it.

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