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Paul Weller – Wild Wood (1993)

February 9, 2021

[Album 854/1001]

I’m a Jason Spezza fan.

True, he doesn’t skate as fast, or put up the same kind of numbers, as he did at the beginning of his career with the Ottawa Senators.

He plays a different game these days than he did during his years in Dallas, his transitional period from young star to NHL veteran.

But he’s found his niche with the Leafs as (the somewhat cringe-ily nicknamed) “Daddy Spezza” or (the considerably less cringe-y) “Vintage.”

And he’s not just earning a paycheque based on his reputation; he’s earned his spot on the team through his performance.

For reasons including (but not limited to) his sterling face-off percentages, his ability to chip in offensively (as demonstrated by his recent hat trick), and his leadership.

Like I said, I’m a fan!



I’m also a Paul Weller fan.

True, he doesn’t play as fast, or put up the same kind of sales numbers, as he did at the beginning of his career with The Jam.

He plays a different style of tune these days than he did during his years in The Style Council, his transitional period from young star to mature artist.

But he found his niche as a key influencer of the ’90s Britpop movement, often referred to as (the aptly? cringe-ily? named), “The Modfather.”

Though his solo album, Wild Wood, from that period is not on the 1001 list purely because of his reputation; instead, Weller earned his spot on the list through his performance.

For reasons including (but not limited to) his talents on a variety of instruments, his continued ability to generate singles (as demonstrated by his a hat trick of UK hits, Sunflower, Hung Up, and the title track), and his overall songwriting proficiency.

Like I said, I’m a fan!


Verbalize the Positive

This is one of those albums that I’ve enjoyed listening to over the past couple of years but until now, I was just unsure of what to say about it.

So thank you, Jason “Vintage” Spezza, for helping me organize my thoughts!

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  1. Good on Spezza getting that Hattie the other night. Think it’s safe to say the Canucks wanted out of Toronto after last night. Yikes!
    I always like rooting for the old guys. lol

    • Dude, last night’s game was painful. Leafs were flying those first two games, then last night with so few shots… so, were they toying with Vancouver’s hopes, let them think they had a chance and then take about five minutes in the third to rope-a-dope them? Or were they just that bad for the first 40 minutes? Gah. When they get up against Montreal they can’t pull that crap. Consistency, boys! I really feel for Vancouver this year, the wheels are comin’ off.

    • There’s a great writer named Sean McIndoe (‘DownGoesBrown’) that talks about cheering for the OGWAC (Old Guy Without a Cup) – with Thornton, Simmonds, and Spezza, the Leafs have lots of those guys to cheer for!

  2. Don’t watch hockey so the reference is sort of lost on me, but the comparison between the two was not so good on you. Nice job!

  3. I would happily listen to Spezza sing and Weller play hockey.

  4. jprobichaud permalink

    I’ve found myself listening to Weller less and less over the years as he continues to put out albums but his early solo records were quite good. I saw him live at Virgin fest with my wife in 2008. When he came on stage, my wife said, “He’s old” and I could only laugh.

  5. My road hockey stick is a Spezza! Straight up with you on Spezza, even before he came to the Leafs. But now he’s a Leaf and that’s awesome, especially after Marleau left. I haven’t spent enough time with Weller but I know of him. If he can bear comparison to #19 I clearly need to look into this further.

    • That road hockey stick would be good for faceoffs!
      I think like everyone else, I’m hoping for a Leafs/Habs playoff series – for you folks, you can’t lose, either the Leafs win or Suzuki wins!

      • I know it’s so awesome. Suzuki is really becoming something else. As for the Leafs, I’ll be happy if they make the playoffs. And beside myself if they get past the first round. Fair game after that lol. Fever dream is Stanley Cup but I won’t let myself go there!

      • It’s that mixed blessing this year that a Canadian team is guaranteed to make the final 4 – however, it is also guaranteed that only 1 team will do so!

      • I choose Leafs.

  6. Daddy Spezza?

  7. I have a few of this early solo albums but haven’t dug into them enough – he was great in The Jam though.

    • So far this is my first look into his solo catalogue – I remember being pleased to learn he played on Oasis’ Champagne Supernova!

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