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Like it’s 1999

January 22, 2021

[Albums 838 – 840 / 1001]

After my last set of reviews, there are no more albums to review from the 21st Century.

Two-thousand-zero-zero party over indeed!

Which made 1999 feel like a logical next stop for another multi-review installment.

Therefore today, I’ll be looking at the remaining 3 albums that are celebrating their 22nd (or Vicennial + Biennial) anniversaries in 2021:

Death In Vegas – The Contino Sessions
Les Rhymes Digitales – Darkdancer
Shack – H.M.S. Fable

And to borrow yet another Prince line, forgive me if it goes astray!


More and more, I’m appreciating the value of the 1001 Albums List as somewhat of a representative sample.

A subset of the giant population (of significant albums released between 1955-2005) that seeks to accurately reflect the characteristics of the larger group.

For example, as we approached Y2K in Canada, there was no single dominant genre of music.

Instead, while watching MuchMusic &/or scanning the radio, you would have inevitably encountered artists such as:

a) Econoline Crush, whose sound incorporated elements of industrial, electronic programming, sometimes even venturing into pop

b) Prozzäk, with their vibrant animated visuals and catchy (or some might say, ear-worm-y) dance tunes

c) Blue Rodeo, with their seemingly timeless & undeniably pleasant tunes

At the turn of the century, I imagine that every country had their own versions of Econoline Crush / Prozzäk / Blue Rodeo.

While none of the above Canadian trio caught the attention of the 1001 list editors, in a way, they are still accounted for, thanks to the inclusions of Death in Vegas, Les Rhymes Digitales, and Shack.

And how you feel about your country’s Econoline in Vegas, Les Rhymes Prozzäk, or Blue Shack, will likely be a good indicator of how you feel about The Contino Sessions, Darkdancer, and H.M.S. Fable!


Verbalize the Positive

After 3 weeks of online learning, very grateful to be heading back to school on Monday!

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  1. Man I have the book and still feel like I haven’t heard of any of these three…

    • There’s still some albums on the spreadsheets, that without exaggeration, I’ve looked at the names hundreds of times – and they still look unfamiliar after all this time!
      The Shack album was one in that category but it’s definitely the one from this trio that I’ll be most likely to revisit

  2. Econoline Crush had a great run. Frank loves those guys Geoff. Stay safe going back. Sue went back two weeks ago and fingers crossed so far so good.

    • I believe that was a Bryan Adams greatest hits comp, So Far So Good!
      I’m hopeful – I think the last 3 weeks online reminded people of how lucky we are to be going back and how we all have to keep being safe / following all the protocols if we want to stay there

  3. I love that Shack album, but then I loved the Pale Fountains as well so it was inevitable. Of course being big in Liverpool means nothing if you can’t take it past Huyton.

    • I was unfamiliar with Shack before this one – but I’m pretty sure I’ll approve of the rest of their discography too!

  4. Good luck on heading back to school. The online learning is a great idea, but nothing better than in person learning. My one daughter goes in two days a week and is dying to get back to at least 4 days. No word on when that will happen.

    • We had 3 weeks of online here – like you said, nothing beats in person. I hope she gets to go back to full time soon!

  5. This feels like the end of a century. I think you are doing well as a band if you have a Canadian equivalent.

  6. The Contino Sessions is such a great album. I listened to that pretty much every weekend as I walked to work. Still listen to it fairly regularly… and Aisha is absolutely magnificent.

    • And it has survived the list edits so far – so I’m optimistic it’s on the 1001 list for the long run!

  7. Blue Rodeo isn’t seemingly timeless, they ARE timeless! Classics forever! I haven’t heard any of these three albums, either.

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