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The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Next (1973)

December 19, 2020

[Album 820/1001]

When someone calls out, “Next” ….. usually, that ain’t good.

You haven’t dazzled at the audition. Better luck next time.

Or even more sharply, it’s time for you to go, as delivered by The Soup Nazi, or Elaine

But in Alex Harvey Band’s case, the word takes on a different meaning.

If each new-to-me 1001 album is auditioning for a spot in my regular listening rotation, these guys certainly passed.

The first song, Swampsnake? I’m feeling the driving bass/piano line, so far so good, let’s see what’s on deck.

Track 2, Gang Bang? I’m digging the cut-outs & saxomophones/horn section, what’s in store for track 3?

And so on, and so on, with no urges to race through the current choices or skip any subsequent songs.

Instead, just an ongoing approval of the present selection & an eagerness to hear the next tune in the running order.

Thus confirming the artist is indeed sensational as advertised, time to hear their Next one!


Verbalize the Positive

Perhaps my favourite thing about the 1001 list so far?

Learning about all kinds of unexpected connections between all kinds of new-to-me artists.

If you’d asked me 10 years ago, what do Jacques Brel, Scott Walker, and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band have in common?

I wouldn’t have known any of the 3 artists in question.

But I’m pleased to report that these days, I was able to recognize the title track as a Jacques Brel song, later covered in the late 60s by Scott Walker, and now once again covered, this time as interpreted by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band!

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  1. Good to hear that they earned a spot in your rotation. I’ll have to give this a spin.

    • If the listening rotation was like the solar system with the planets spinning around the sun, this would probably be in the Earth range – it won’t get quite as many spins as something in the Mercury range but it’ll be around much more frequently than those out in Neptune territory!

  2. I always think of the audition in Back To The Future. As soon as I read that in your post it was the first thing that popped into my noggin!
    Why I have no idea. lol

    • That’s an extremely favourable association for me, Deke – I’m afraid Huey Lewis would also think that these guys were just too darn loud as well!

  3. Love the ‘Verbalise’ reflection, Geoff. That is one general plus about music blogging, isn’t it? We dig into things that bit deeper. Having said that, I’ve never quite managed to dig Alex.

    • Cheers, Bruce – I’m pleased that despite not being able to become too enthusiastic about him just yet, it didn’t prevent you from some fine wordplay!

  4. I love those kind of connections to. Now I actually look for it. I like to see who plays on an album and then see if they were in any other band. It is like finding a little treasure in an album when you see a cool connection.

    • That’s a good way of looking at it – and one of the nicest things about the 1001 is that inevitably, there will be so many of those unexpected connections between musicians/producers/songs!

  5. The Sensational Geoffrey Album Blog!

    • It’s funny, usually I appreciate it when artists are humble – but if the pendulum swings the other way & they build a self-congratulatory adjective into their band name, I kind of like that too!

      • Like that novel, something about a heartbreaking work of staggering genius? Talk about a title to live up to, eh!

  6. Next! (the track) is about the clap, I seem to recall. I love this lot, seriously, weirdly ahead of their times. Faith Healer is perfect.

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