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Al Green – Let’s Stay Together (1973)

December 11, 2020

[Album 817/1001]

“I I remarked afterwards that I wished the officiant had been more efficient…Maybe I should open with that zinger?”
– Brooklyn 99 (Captain Holt)

Alas, I can’t use that zinger for ‘The Reverend’ Al Green.

For with 9 tracks in 34 minutes, few officiants could possibly be more efficient!

And the even better news is that Mr. Green is another artist who understood that efficiency & effectiveness did not need to be mutually exclusive.

Quality doesn’t always need to take a long time & Quantity of running time doesn’t necessarily guarantee a stronger product.

Efficient AND effective, Let’s Stay Together, indeed!



Verbalize the Positive

The penultimate track, Judy, would be a contender for my “Top 5 female ‘J’ name songs” (along with Dolly Parton’s Jolene, Frank Turner’s Josephine, Weezer’s Jamie, and The Smiths’ Jeane)! 

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  1. Al Green is great. Other J women songs:
    Janie Jones – The Clash
    Juanita – Flying Burrito Brothers
    Julia – The Beatles
    Other Judy songs by the DBs and The Pernice Brothers

  2. OMG I’ve heard the song “Let’s Stay Together” on ‘American Idol, that song is my childhood!

  3. Al Green is one of my favs! I really should get some of his albums, lol

  4. Al Green is no Al Bundy, but I love him just the same!! Sorry, I’m in a weird mood this morning. This is a classic and way to throw in a graph. It makes everything better.

  5. Voice like an angel, that man.

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