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Liars – They Were Wrong, So We Drowned (2004)

December 8, 2020

[Album 816/1001]

“I realize the stakes aren’t that high, but somehow that just makes it way scarier!”
– Community (Britta Perry)

I appreciate the low stakes of these reviews.

If I’m wrong about an album, what’s the worst case scenario?

If I’m somehow overly positive, could I unintentionally influence someone’s decision to make a purchase that they will find unsatisfactory (and perhaps find myself on the receiving end of a strongly-worded email, demanding I reimburse them for lost income)?

Or if I’m unjustly negative, could I accidentally deter someone else from discovering a band that might have become an eventual favourite (and if/when they did discover the band, they send a strongly-worded email, demanding I reimburse them for lost time)?

Either scenario seems, as Wallace Shawn might say, inconceivable.

But perhaps, as Britta noted above, that makes ‘locking in’ these reviews all the more frightening!

So at the risk of being wrong and irreversibly altering the space-time continuum…I’ve noticed that how I feel about Liars remains constant from listen to listen.

Each spin begins with me feeling out of my element; of all the ‘rock’ sub-genres, ‘noise rock’ wouldn’t be my go-to. 

But then a few tracks in, I find myself cheered by the 2000s Radiohead vibe in the somewhat less cheerfully titled, We Fenced Other Gardens with the Bones of Our Own.

Which is immediately followed by They Don’t Want Your Corn, They Want Your Kids. Though the title doesn’t draw a smile, the Flight of the Conchords-esque electric mandolin sound will every single time.

Overall, this Liars album is more accessible than ‘noise’ and less accessible than ‘rock’ – it may be the definition of seemingly throwaway comment, “it is what it is.”

And if I’m wrong, I’m prepared for an email or two!


Verbalize the Positive

I think I may have to start another Community re-watch, what a show!

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  1. Well I am going to take the time to listen, intrigued. I may find a favorite but I won’t ask for the time back ore recompense.

  2. I love the paintball episodes. Feels like one of the more obscure records in the bunch – feels like the 1001’s weakness is more recent records at the time.

    • The Western / Starwars double episode especially!
      It’s interesting to see the revised lists – all lot of these early 2000s ones from the original list get filtered out to make room for newer releases

  3. If I start watching Community and hate it, can I now send a strongly worded email demanding my time back??

  4. They like long titles.

  5. My lovely wife and I just finished S6 of Community last week. It took us months, of an episode per night (and not every night, either) to go from S1-S6, but we got there and it was worth it. Cool. Cool cool cool.

    I haven’t heard this Liars record, but if it made the list it must have redeeming qualities! The stakes are what they are!

  6. The good thing now Geoff is that you can try before you buy (streaming etc) but back in the olden daze it was a gamble sometimes at best lol

    • And I’m fortunate to be attempting this 1001 list in this era – no chance I would have been able to afford new copies of all 1001 albums!

  7. I don’t remember them in my copy of the book and I genuinely have never heard of them before now. So Geoff I’m calling you out for totally inventing this one! What do I win?

    • You are the lucky recipient of…a copy of the fictional Liars album!

      • Don’t sent it, Geoff! Not even in an imaginary envelope! The Welsh Imp is shilling you. Discogs lists 10 versions of the album, with only three of them attributed to ‘1537PhantomRecords’.

      • Those seem like legitimate versions!

  8. The comments on the inherent weakness of featuring ‘up to date’ albums are consistent with my own reservations about the entire series of books (which I think I wrote about at some stage). Surely once a decade would be more robust in terms of reviewing.
    I also noted, with empathy, you thoughts on negative reviews, Geoff. I do think that, given your Sisyphean task, that saying ‘this ain’t my cuppa tea’ is entirely reasonable.

    • I’d support that 1 revision per decade policy – and I fully intend on borrowing that ‘cuppa’ idea post idea Bruce to combine a few that meet that description for the price of 1!

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