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TV on the Radio – Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (2004)

October 27, 2020

[Album 808/1001]

Sometimes, the YouTube algorithm just gets me.

For example, when I opened the site last week, it recommended that I listen to a video titled, “say it ain’t so but matt sharp is the only one singing.”

Clearly, it knows its target audience as:

a) I love the blue album

b) I’ve argued that his falsetto harmonies are a big part of what make those first 2 =w=eezer albums so special

c) it’s taking something familiar but making it delightfully different; in other words, right up my street.

Needless to say, recommended listening!



Sometimes, it also feels like the 1001 list has similar targeting strategies.

TV on the Radio, as a band name, is immediately intriguing. Being able to create vivid scenes through audio alone? I’m listening.

So before I even heard a note, it sounded promising.

And the better news is, upon actually hearing Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes, it easily solidified its status as my kind of album, given that:

a) Whatever the appropriate term for the genre (post-punk? garage rock revival?), the 2002-2004 window of that sound would be my favourite of the century thus far

b) The album features plenty of octave-doubled vocals &/or falsetto harmonies. Alas, so far at least, YouTube hasn’t recommended any versions with only the falsetto vocal lines. Say it Ain’t So, indeed!

c) It sounds comparable to its contemporaries, yet there’s something about them (notably the vocal delivery) that makes TV on the Radio distinct.

All of which is to say, recommended listening!


Verbalize the Positive

After Gord Downie’s death in 2017, our local rock station (K-Rock 105.7) has a wonderful tradition: each October, they re-brand the station for a day (or more) as GORD FM.

This year, the entire weekend of October 16-18 was dedicated to Gord & The Tragically Hip. It was really nice tuning in throughout the weekend to hear all kinds of interviews / live versions / album tracks, great work K-Rock!

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  1. I’m not super familiar with this record, but good band – did a good job of bringing some interesting elements into alt-rock.

  2. I played the arse off this record when it came out. And the follow up Dear Science. Thanks for reminding me they exist. Get on it

  3. The email notification threw up an ad called “Investingops”, which, given your guidelines on this post, I’ve posted 10,000AUS$ to in unmarked bills!

  4. Our local crap rock station would never do anything as creative as your radio station does in Kingston.
    ‘They shot a movie once….’

  5. jprobichaud permalink

    Two things: First, great album – Staring at the sun is one of the great modern classics of the early 2000s. Second, Matt Sharp – I’ve recently discovered that I love The Rentals. And I’m not just talking Friends of P. His latest album, “Q36”, is up there with my favourites of the year. Check it out!

  6. lol, brilliant! All I’m going to hear now are the falsetto vocals whenever I listen to this song.

  7. Nice one. I loved this one when it cam out. One of the last CDs I bought, funnily enough.

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