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Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson (1971)

September 23, 2020

[Album 804/1001]

The closing track, Cargo Culte, at 5:57.

With some albums, there are precise moments that stay with me.

In this case, that was the moment it became clear that Serge Gainsbourg’s 28-minute concept album, Histoire de Melody Nelson, was destined to become a favourite.

It’s a creepy twist on the Boy meets Girl tale: here, Man hits 15-year-old Girl with his car, a brief forbidden love affair ensues, and…it doesn’t end cheerfully.

Although it’s far from a heartwarming tale, the orchestral arrangements throughout really enhance the tracks; overall, notably with the bookends, the music is exceptional.

The less-is-more drums really complement the bassline on the opening track (Melody) & the chaotic Cargo Culte conclusion makes for a perfect album ending.



Verbalize the Positive

Happy Autumn!

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    Foux de fafa…

  2. Well as you say Geoff Verbalize The Positive!
    Happy Autumn indeed. Yesterday and todays temp is awesome of a high of 23 each day!
    I’ll send it your way!

    • The favourable weather sending was appreciated Deke – it was a nice week for a bit of outdoor learning, might be a bit trickier to do as the year goes on!

  3. Happy Autumn sir!!

  4. A little too avant-garde for me but I do enjoy having french spoken softly into my ear.

  5. I own a 7″ (how appropriate!0 copy of Je T’aime but that’s it. Although I do have fond memories of going to his grave in Paris. I’m not weird.

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