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Jeru the Damaja – The Sun Rises in the East (1994)

September 19, 2020

[Album 803/1001]

Are there any things you know/facts that you’ve learned…where you’re mildly embarrassed about how you acquired this knowledge?

For example, knowing that the sun rises in the east (and therefore, sets in the west).

I’d like to say that I remember this fact due to hours hard work & in-depth research into the rotation of the earth / time zones / altitudes / longitudes.

But it was actually due to hours of watching Beauty & The Beast (“certain as the sun, rising in the east”).

I imagine I’m not alone in hearing Dame Angela Lansbury’s voice when remembering the direction of sunrises!


Thanks to Jeru the Damaja, and his debut album, The Sun Rises in the East, I’ve now got another memory hook.

Speaking of hooks, the chorus to Da Bichez is as catchy as they come, if somewhat of an inappropriate selection to sing around the dinner table.

And his Mind Spray claim of “I annihilate, as I articulate” lays out his game plan succinctly: his delivery is often aggressive, but it’s well-crafted.

So perhaps if I wanted to appear ‘cool,’ I could engage in some revisionist history & pretend that I learned about the axial tilt of the earth from Jeru the Damaja.

But now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t be timid that I learned about sunrises from Dame Angela.

I might even argue that Ms. Lansbury exudes coolness: did you see how many murders she calmly solved on Murder She Wrote?!


Verbalize the Positive

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Maybe you learned it from Angela Lansbury who actually learned it herself from Jeru. You never know.

  2. Zack permalink

    That may be the same way I learned the sun rises in the east. We watched that movie entirely too much.

    • It was a classic – our VHS versions of this / little mermaid / aladdin / lion king all got plenty of airtime!

  3. Great stuff Geoff. This is a learning post for me as I didn’t know this existed. Your schoolin’ me.

    • Cheers, Deke – not too many would be so polite about schoolin’ happening on a Saturday!

      • If it’s Rock School I’m in even on Saturday. Sue asked me just now how many of the Fmaily videos supporting Health Care Workers did you and fam do?

      • We ended up doing 134!

      • Wow. I told Sue around 115! I have now told her 134! That’s very impressive! That is a ton of creativity! Well Done!

      • Cheers, Deke – and all the facebook comments were much appreciated!
        Is Sue still baking bread for the front-line workers? That was really impressive & so neat to read about it in the newspaper article too!

      • It slowed down as the heat came in the summer. Too hot to bake but she is starting to ramp up again.

      • Our oven definitely gets a break in the summer – the BBQ takes over for a while.
        Her bread-baking is so amazing for community-building/morale-raising, fantastic work, Sue!

      • I’ll pass on the good vibes to the Boss when she wakes up! lol

  4. I have pretty clear vision on my 500 answer. Never full embraced this band but I could go for a couple tunes.

  5. Wait… the sun ALWAYS rises in the east?!?!

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