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Country Joe & The Fish – Electric Music for the Mind and Body (1967)

September 15, 2020

[Album 801/1001]

When did you first hear about Country Joe & The Fish?

I recall hearing this group being referenced by Sir Paul McCartney, when being interviewed about Sgt. Pepper.

Though his answers were considerably more articulate than my paraphrasing, Sir Paul was describing the album’s context by saying something along the lines of, in 1967, groups were named things like Country Joe & The Fish.

And John / Paul / George / Ringo thought, wouldn’t it be great to make a record where instead of being ‘The Beatles,’ they could have a much more 1967-esque identity? Something like, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?

Seeing that said album ended up at #1 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list…yes, I suppose it would be great!


Now Electric Music for the Mind and Body is not Sgt. Pepper.

But it’s not too shabby either.

The group is worthy of being appreciated for its own merits (rather than just a footnote in the creation of another album).

And even if Electric Music for the Mind and Body may not be considered the #1 Album of all time, it’s good enough to help the band find their way into The Top 5 ‘Fish’ Artists!



Verbalize the Positive

I’m a big fan of Gordon Korman’s ‘MacDonald Hall’ young adult series, featuring the headmaster Mr. Sturgeon, aka, The Fish!

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  1. I first heard about them watching the Woodstock Movie.

    I would submit Japanese psychedelic band Fishmans.

  2. I first heard of them right this second. Thank you for that.

    • You know those significant ‘where were you when’ moments? I’m pleased that if ‘hearing about Country Joe & The Fish’ ever becomes one of those historic moments, I’m delighted my blog will play a small part, John!

  3. Woodstock for me too. Reckon this is the pick of the CJMc bunch.

    Phish, featuring Jon Fishman.

  4. Woodstock for me as well fella.
    Almost that time of the season for Fisherman’s Friends! lol

  5. If I heard of Country Joe & The Fish before I forgot about them.

    • And I think that’s true of many of the 1001 artists for me – I’ve looked at some of the names repeatedly on my spreadsheets over the last 8+ years & some of them, it still feels like I’m seeing them for the first time!

  6. Great album. Living out near the Bay Area we got to hear a lot more of their music then the rest of the world.

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